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Letters to the Editor re: Kay says no Iraqi WMDs

Name: Greg
Hometown: Lathrop

I am amazed that Kay will claim that no WMD are in Iraq.  Didn't he read about the 2 or more MIG jets that were buried in the sand?  If you can hide a jet in the sand, why not WMD?

Name: Jose R. Terrero
Hometown: New York, NY

It is very sad to see that after we have lost so many of our men and women in uniform, and caused so much destruction and loss of life to the Iraqi people, that the Bush administration now coldly admits that there was no such thing as WMD.  Bush did not listen to the American people and he did not listened to the world: this war should not have been started at all, ever.

Name: Reid C. Davis
Hometown: Bountiful, Utah

With respect to the article on WMD citing David Kay: How much evidence needs to be generated before the media concludes that the American people were deliberately lied to about Saddam Hussein's possession of WMD?

Name: Victor Ubiera
Hometown: Altanta, GA

It doesn't really matters if Iraq had or not WMD at the moment of the war. What really matters so far is the fact Iraq had indeed a program aimed at producing such weapons. Therefore, could America wait until Sadan were ready to hit us for us to be able to react? Like a good Dominican, I better see the death in my neighbor's house rather than seeing it in my own house. Therefore, my question to the American people is, should've we wait for another 9/11 to do then what we've done now?  Good for Bush in hitting first!

Name: Debra Murphy
Hometown: Queensbury

Doesn't anyone remember Scott Ritter?  He is the former US representative from the UN inpections team who tried, in vain, to tell the Bush administration, the media and the American people that there was no evidence that Iraq still had WMD.  I find it incredible that the Bush administration is now trying to put the blame on the intelligence community for our inability to find WMD evidence today.  It's become quite clear that the politicians played fast and loose with intelligence to make their case for war?

Name: Rick Laney
Hometown: Anderson, SC

Seems to me that the weapons of Mass Destruction are the bombers killing all the Americans!!

Name: L Johnson
Hometown: New York, New York

since it has now been proven that  there was no WMD, Shouldn't they be letting Sadhan H. go free?

It would seem that we would have one grand law suit on our hand,

Name: Steven Crane
Hometown: Agua Dulce

Re: Cheney Confident of Finding Weapons

Why can't he articulate why he is confident of matters that appear disproven?  There's a reason why someone repeats a big lie over and over.

The vice president again repeats the falsehoods about weapons of mass destruction and a Saddam/Al-Quaeda link to continue to deceive that portion of the public that has not yet caught on.

This is shameless hypocrisy from the same man who told us repeatedly that Iraqi oil revenues would cover the cost of the war.

Name: Edward Stahl
Hometown: washington, Missouri

Dear Ed.

Vice President Cheney is an embarrassment to the U.S.A.

He and the rest of the administration don't believe in the value of evidence in justifying anything they have done or do.  Today we see him saying he "believes" there was a connection between Iraq and Al Qiada.

That's nice, but what about the proof? He can offer no proof.  It saddens me to think that this behavior is standard operating procedure in the Bush Administration.  Not once has the president or vice-president offered any proof to justify the war in Iraq.  In fact they have attempted to manipulate the American people with post war rationales that are nothing more than threats and emotional appeals to justify the war.  Yes, Saddam was bad, but His badness was not what the administration claimed justified the war.  It was uranium, WMD's, and Al Qaida.  The Uranium connection was a lie, There are no WMD's, and there is no AL Qaida link. Even the Secretary of State admits that.  Yet, we send these "leaders" out into the world to try to build support for our policies that are  based on lies.  Obviously, the administration has no respect for citizens of the USA, other countries of the world, or the carefully built traditions of International Law.  Why?

Is it too complex for them to tell the truth, to rely on evidence, to foster international relationships?  What an embarrassment.  We are in real trouble.  Please, wake up America.

Name: Sandra Prater
Hometown: Middletown, Ohio


If Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass distruction, please explain to me how he was able to gas the Kurds?