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This is what happens when Polaroid lets Lady Gaga design something

/ Source: Gizmodo

Lady Gaga stood up on stage and proclaimed "This is the camera of the future." This futurecam also happens to be a set of shades with a outward-facing 1.4-inch OLED display under each eye. Funky.

The whole world can see itself from your perspective, as images stream from the camera mounted in the bridge of the glasses.

Or you can throw in an SD card and play something else. Like photos of your dog.

Or your kids. Or a video of a vacation — anything that's in your mind's eye can be literally on your eyes for the world to see.

The spec-obsessed Gaga (remember those rad cigarette shades from Telephone?) says she came up with the concept for the glasses on her Fameball tour.

She had a pair of glasses made with iPod screens as lenses; then, using her juice as Polaroid's creative director, she brought the idea to the instacam company and the were born.