Players Network CEO, Mark Bradley Offers Outlook for 2011

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Players Network (OTCBB:PNTV): Update from Players Network's Chief Executive Officer, Mark Bradley.

First, I want to wish everyone happiness and prosperity in the New Year. 2011 promises to be a very good year for Players Network.

The company was an early mover in the rapidly changing New Media landscape, having committed itself to becoming a dominant player in this sector. We secured significant Video On Demand (VOD), broadband and mobile distribution partnerships with the biggest programming distributors in the business (Comcast, DirecTV, Verizon, AT&T, Hulu, Google and many others). We produced a variety of content, analyzed numerous monetization models, developed cost-effective distribution methodologies, and most recently began work on several proprietary content syndication and monetization technologies. As we enter 2011, the New Media sector continues its impressive growth, further validating Players Network's timely positioning in the marketplace, which includes:

  • Over 5 billion devices connected to the Global Internet.
  • A continuing shift by viewers to New Media platforms in record numbers.
  • Over 350B online video views in 2010.
  • VOD usage continues double digit growth.
  • Advertisers continue to shift more ad $ to sponsor New Media programming.
  • Over $750M invested in online video start-ups in 2010, with major media companies making significant acquisitions.
  • Mobile networks content viewing continues to soar as the speed of digital networks continues to get faster.
  • Over 30 million game consoles in US homes wired directly to the Internet.
  • IPTV finally becoming a reality as most new generation TV sets have built-in broadband connectivity.
  • Online ecommerce and coupon site sales continue unprecedented growth.
  • Global broadband, cable, satellite and mobile growth continues to outperform projections.

Players Network has built such a strong foundation to take full advantage of these growth patterns that in late December 2010, PNTV attracted a substantial cash investment (noted in our recent 8-K filing.) This investment not only brings Players Network the operating capital needed to expand our management team, launch our content monetization technologies, and ramp up our revenue-generating efforts, it also brings the company first-class investor and industry connections and resources that should allow the company to raise significant additional funds based on realizing realistic performance milestones. The Company intends to quickly yet prudently evaluate strategic acquisition, distribution and brand partnership opportunities in order to expand the Company into new programming verticals and technology-based businesses.

During 2011 PNTV will release a series of announcements that will detail:

  • The addition of industry seasoned professionals to our management team.
  • The launch of PNTV's new proprietary online video platform that will allow us to quickly and inexpensively generate an unlimited number of online digital content businesses ("Channel Destinations") for our own channels, and also for a limitless number of content partners for any program vertical.
  • Our new generation of websites will include featured Ambassadors, social community dynamics, user generated uploads, and marketing tools that will quickly scale unique visitors. Other innovative features include virtual economies and incentive-based member reward tools; premium branded programming; and ecommerce merchandising that will monetize each increased-viewership community.
  • Acquisitions designed to bring revenues, and synergistic teams, content and technologies to PNTV.
  • The utilization of a cloud-based CDN (Content Delivery Network) that dramatically lowers our content distribution costs while increasing our international distribution options.   
  • Branded content sponsorships.
  • Independent producer partnerships.
  • PNTV branded direct-to-consumer transactional and merchandising sales programs.

It is easy to see why I am so excited about 2011. Everyone at Players Network is totally focused on executing our business models and bringing increased value to all our Players Network Shareholders. I will continue updating you on our progress as the year progresses.


Mark Bradley
CEO Players Network

About Players Network

Players Network is a Television and Digital New Media Company that develops and owns new Channel Destinations. "Players Network", "Vegas on Demand" and "Sexy Sin City TV" are PNTV's current channels focusing on the Las Vegas and Gaming Lifestyles. Players Network produces and distributes original content for its own VOD Channels on television in over 29,000,000 homes over Comcast, DirecTV, AT&T, Verizon and Dish Network, PNTV's own Broadband Network, and Hulu, Blinkx, Google, YouTube and Yahoo Video, as well as for DVD Home Video, mobile platforms, and through worldwide television syndication. Players Network has a program library of over 1600 titles. Players Network has a 12-year history of providing consumers with quality Gaming and Las Vegas Lifestyle content, as well as strategic partnership services in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and throughout the worldwide gaming industry. For more information go to

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