Continuous Savings and Recurrent Sales: A Win-Win Formula for EcoEmissions Catalyst Injection System(TM)

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

TEMPE, Ariz., Jan. 10, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Actually, it's a Win-Win-Win' Formula," Paul Masson, VP of Field Operations and Business Development, EcoEmissions Systems (OTCQB:ECMZ), pointed out, when speaking of the company's amazing technology. "Our product, the Catalyst Injection System (CISTM) should be on every diesel engine out there. We save the engine operator money on fuel costs and reduce maintenance expenses, we help save the environment by reducing emissions and we create an ongoing income for the company."

"We have installed the CISTM system on dozens of generators, marine engines, and heavy equipment. The fuel savings are significant. Last year, one of our maritime clients saved almost $17,000 in fuel, even after factoring in the cost of the CISTM system and the catalyst. The cost of the system varies per application depending on engine size and generally pays for itself within three to six months. Every engine that the CISTM is installed on saves money and adds to the customer's bottom line. Win Number One.

"The CISTM system is designed so that the catalyst is replaced after approximately 500 hours of engine use. It is cost-negative – for every dollar spent on catalyst, approximately two to three dollars or more in fuel is saved. Installing the CISTM system means continuous fuel savings for the client and recurrent sales of catalyst for EcoEmissions. Win Number Two.

"With the CISTM system, the black soot and smoke from the diesel engines virtually disappear. It's not just a visual benefit – the diesel particulate matter is normally reduced by 40 – 60% and the NOx reduced by 15 – 25%. The CISTM also helps to clean up the engine – wear and tear is decreased, exhaust temperatures are reduced, allowing the engines to last longer. Lower operating costs means more dollars added to the customer's bottom line. Win Number Three.

"Trying to increase profitability and at the same time meet higher pollution standards is a worldwide problem," Masson pointed out. "Word has spread in the US Maritime markets, and we have experienced a great response from International Maritime communities as well. We have been getting inquiries from companies in Iceland, Denmark, Norway, China, India – they have heard about the incredibly successful results that our CISTM system is achieving. EcoEmissions is working to meet international demand, although we are currently concentrating on the Pacific Northwest market. Since the recent Pacific Marine Expo and Work Boat Show in Seattle, we have been overwhelmed with product demand, information and installation requests, from large marine customers as well as government agencies like the N.O.A.A. Every installation we do saves the client money and the air we breathe is a little bit cleaner. That is a big WIN for everybody."

About EcoEmissions Solutions - EcoEmissions Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB:ECMZ) proven patented emissions-reducing Catalyst Injection System™ (CIS™) offers a global solution for diesel engines used in heavy industry and large marine applications around the world. 

The pre-combustion system (the only patented system of its type in the world), injects a platinum-based catalyst (nano) solution into diesel engine cylinders producing a more complete burn of the diesel fuel. Simply installed without modifications to the engine itself, the results are more power, lower fuel consumption, dramatically reduced pollution and an extension of engine life.

The ongoing consumption and replacement of ECMZ catalyst as part of normal diesel engine operation, provides ECMZ with an ongoing revenue stream that increases with the number of engine units installed.

Eco's technology is patented, has further patents pending and is trademarked. For more information, please visit the SEC's EDGAR system or, send an email to or call 1 (877) 934-3735 (877) 9-DIESEL

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