Hackers Hijack North Korea's YouTube, Twitter

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Online hackers took on a dangerous target this past weekend when they hacked into North Korea’s official YouTube and Twitter accounts.

In place of the strictly controlled content on Pyongyang's YouTube channel, the hackers posted a video showing a cartoon version of dictator Kim Jong-il’s son and heir apparent, Kim Jong-un, driving a luxury sports car into a crowd of starving people, The Register reported.

The parody video appeared Saturday (Jan. 8), Kim Jong-un’s birthday.

North Korea’s official Twitter page was used to post several scathing attacks against the country’s leadership, including one that chastised Kim Jong-il for spending money on a nuclear weapons program “while 3 million people are starving and freezing to death.”

It’s unclear who initiated the online sabotage, but Reuters reports that several members of a South Korean Internet forum called Dcinside have claimed responsibility for the prank.