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WorkLight Becomes First Mobile Application Platform to Offer Multi-Platform IDE for Combined Native and Web Coding in Single Application

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WorkLight announced today the availability of WorkLight Mobile Platform Version 4.0, including the first multi-platform hybrid coding IDE, enabling companies to develop smartphone and tablet applications with unmatched developer flexibility and richness of user experience.  WorkLight now also offers unified push notifications, runtime skinning of applications for devices of the same operating system, remote application disabling and optimization for iPad and Android tablets.

As smartphones and tablet computers become increasingly popular for business and personal use, companies have made applications that run on these high-end devices a business priority. Yet, fragmentation of the mobile landscape creates significant challenges in effectively reaching users across disparate devices and operating systems. WorkLight technology addresses these by enabling companies to create, run and manage applications for multiple environments using an open, flexible and enterprise-grade mobile application platform.

"Development of cross-platform applications is a major obstacle for the enterprise, yet it is equally important that companies prioritize mobile security, backend integration, ongoing maintenance and management of the applications over time," said Shahar Kaminitz, CEO of WorkLight. "The mobile market and customer needs are evolving rapidly and so should the technology to support them. We are proud to lead this effort with the release of WorkLight 4.0, covering the entire spectrum of enterprise needs around smartphone and tablet apps."

WorkLight Mobile Platform 4.0 includes the following new features:

·         Hybrid Coding - Industry-first mobile application platform to enable a centralized, enterprise-ready, custom development process using a variety of native and web technologies

·         Runtime Skinning - Automatic optimization of apps for devices of the same OS family in a single executable file, eliminating the need to write multiple code files of same app for each device

·         HTML Code Splitting - Better code manageability and concurrent development of complex applications by separating HTML code into multiple files to reduce development cycles

·         Unified Push Notifications - Delivery of customizable alerts to multiple devices using a single infrastructure, obviating the need to master notification mechanism of each device

·         Remote Administration - Disabling of specific app versions or device types from the WorkLight Console to manage outdated or security risk-prone applications

·         Tablet Support - Development and optimization of applications for all Android tablets and enhanced support for the iPad

·         Standardized Data Retrieval - Automatic conversion of hierarchical data from enterprise systems to JSON to minimize integration overhead

·         Advanced Reporting - Adoption and usage reports exportable to existing enterprise business intelligence systems

"When building a complex application it becomes a real challenge to develop for different types of smartphones and tablets," said Chris Jang, CEO of FAS. "WorkLight has enabled us to reach more devices faster, while not compromising on the quality of the applications. We’re able to work in tandem while leveraging both device-specific and standard web languages to reduce development cycles."

"A critical part of any mobile effort but one that is often overlooked by companies is ensuring connectivity between the application and enterprise systems and making that data available to mobile users across different device types," said Amir Shary, subdivision manager at Matrix, an SI business partner. "Using WorkLight, we’re able to define an integration layer to enterprise systems and re-use adapters for additional apps while ensuring data access is secure."

"We’re using the WorkLight Mobile Platform to create our line of Chaikin Power Tool applications with information for individual investors that was previously available only to investment professionals," said Marc Chaikin, founder and CEO at Chaikin Stock Research. "Now, as we ready to deploy those apps for multiple mobile devices, as well as desktop and web environments, the ability to manage applications and versions across all of these is crucial to our success and our users’ satisfaction."

The WorkLight Mobile Platform enables companies to efficiently develop, run and manage applications securely for multiple smartphone and tablet devices. The WorkLight platform includes the WorkLight Studio for native and web application development, the WorkLight Server for secure delivery, deployment and backend integration with enterprise systems and the WorkLight Console for ongoing management and tracking of adoption and usage of the applications.


The WorkLight Mobile Platform 4.0 can be downloaded at with a free enterprise evaluation version available.

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