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What is the price tag for a day in court?

How much, a day, for Martha Stewart?
Martha Stewart arrives with her daughter Alexis at the Federal Courthouse in New York for her securities fraud trial, January 29, 2004. Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

With jury selection winding down in the Martha Stewart trial, she made her second appearance at the trial today. We just had to ask tonight, what is the price tag for a day in court?

So we put together some numbers:  On the first day she appeared on Tuesday, Martha arrived in a Lincoln Towncar (cost, about $450/day),  surrounded by a team of veteran high priced attorneys (cost about $1,000/hour), and  carrying not one but two expensive Hermes handbags into court (cost $7,500).

But convincing a jury that you are not guilty, you didn‘t lie, and didn't break the law, and avoiding 30 years in prison and a $2-million fine? Priceless. 

Today when Martha arrived, she toned it down a bit.  She left the more expensive of her two Hermes bags locked away in her closet at home-- the Birkin bag that is so “in,” the girls on “Sex and the City” have to have one. 

This morning Martha held on to the cheaper Hermes bag—the one that cost just over $1,000, and she played it lower key, not so flashy.  And that's a good thing. 

If she stays on at her current pace and loses one piece of expensive accessory a day, why in a few weeks you could see Martha Stewart go from haute couture, to off the rack.

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