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Consumer Wine Awards Open for Winery Submissions

Deadline to Enter Competition is February 24, 2011
/ Source: GlobeNewswire

Deadline to Enter Competition is February 24, 2011

LODI, Calif., Jan. 18, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Consumer Wine Awards announced today that it is now open to wine submissions from wineries around the world seeking to have their wines entered into the completion and evaluated directly by wine consumers. "This awards program has triple benefits for wineries", notes competition co-director, Tim Hanni MW. " Their wines will be given awards by everyday consumers who love the styles of wine they evaluate. A second return is that we have a Wine By-the Glass program with hotels and restaurants that will feature a range of award-winning wines. Finally, wineries who submit will receive a copy of our annual, comprehensive Wine Consumer Preference Report based upon competition results that reveals what the average wine drinker prefers."

"The Consumer Wine Awards is unlike any other large, organized wine competition" says G.W. Pucilowski, co-director of the awards. "Consumer judges for this competition are everyday people and their only prerequisite is that they like wine. Judges will be asked to evaluate those varietals/styles they enjoy and will not be trained or told what to look for in a particular wine." Prior to the evaluation of the wines, consumer judges will undergo a battery of food and beverage preferences in order to assess their taste sensitivity. "This year we will be taking a large number of participants through a series of high level taste and smell discrimination tests with Osmic Enterprises - a world leader in developing tests for assessing the chemoreceptive senses of smell and taste. Thus, the information provided in the final Consumer Preferences Report can be used by the wineries to better understand the drivers for gaining new consumers in the marketplace. "It's a definitive win-win-win for consumers and the wineries," Hanni said.

"This unique competition was conceived by Lodi-Tokay Rotary Club as an international service project to promote the community and wine industry," said J. Mark Hamilton, president-elect of the club "and will be held for the fourth year in Lodi on March 19 and 20."

Wineries desiring to enter the Consumer Wine Awards should visit to download the submission forms and handbook. Deadline to enter is February 24, 2011. Winners will be announced March 25th, 2011 with an Awards ceremony held on May 6. For further information, contact Tim Hanni MW at 707-337-0327 or or visit

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