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DANE Contractors Introduces ECO2 Blast Technology for Industrial Cleaning and Painting Applications

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

CLEVELAND, Jan. 18, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DANE Contractors, a Cleveland, Ohio based general contractor is pleased to introduce ECO2 Blast Technology. This new cleaning technique greatly expands their industrial cleaning and painting capability.

Known more commonly as dry ice blasting, the process offers cost efficiency, minimal business interruption, excellent cleaning capability and superior surface preparation for commercial painting.

The system works by propelling solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets at a very high velocity which lifts surface contaminants while leaving no secondary waste such as water or grit medium. Engineering controls are placed to protect building contents and facilitate cleanup of loose contaminants as they are removed. This offers a significant advantage over competing cleaning systems.

Jack Koch, marketing manager for DANE Contractors states "The capability of using ECO2 BlastTechnology to clean in a commercial or industrial facility without leaving residue offers us the ability to provide our services with minimal business interruption. The ice particles simply evaporate upon impact, leaving a surface that looks like new and ready for painting. We can easily work around machinery, production lines, office environments and inventory. ECO2 Blast Technology is transportable which allows for greater mobility and provides an opportunity to expand our marketing initiatives to a larger geographic area."

As a non-conductive, nonflammable, non-abrasive cleaning medium, ECO2 Blast Technology offers many solutions and applications and is utilized in a number of industries such as disaster recovery, food preparation areas, electrical/mechanical cleaning and historical restoration.

Koch explained that ECO2 Blast Technology has been used extensively as an effective tool for mold remediation and eliminating smoke residue resulting from fire. "We've had great success cleaning large facilities in the aftermath of fire and flood. We've made the structure look virtually new without disrupting the flow of operations. We also believe that companies looking to do an overall facility cleanup and repainting would benefit from this process leaving them with a cleaner more vibrant workplace."

DANE Contractors has been providing disaster recovery services, office renovation, remodeling and consulting services in the Northeast Ohio market for over 20 years. Dane Contractor services include fire and water damage restoration, storm damage clean up, dry ice blasting, infrared thermography, industrial cleaning, commercial renovation and residential remodeling.   

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