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Passenger punches flight attendant over blocked aisle

A 63-year-old man flying into New York knocked over a beverage cart and punched a flight attendant when his path to the bathroom was blocked, the New York Post reports.
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You know the angst that occurs when nature calls and your path to the loo isn't as clear as you would hope?

A 63-year-old Massachusetts man on a JFK-bound American Airlines flight found his path to the bathroom blocked by a beverage cart early Thursday. His response? He repeatedly kicked and knocked over the cart — and then punched a flight attendant — according to a report in the New York Post.

Sources told the paper that Michael Isabelle, flying into New York from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, punched flight attendant Carlos Carrico in the stomach after the crew member grabbed his arm.

"We did have a disruptive passenger on board the flight," confirmed American Airlines spokesperson Ed Martelle. "He was subdued and turned over to local law enforcement on arrival in New York."

Carrico, a fellow flight attendant and a passenger put plastic cuffs on Isabelle after wrestling him to the ground, the Post reported.

New York Port Authority police took Isabelle into custody upon landing, and took him to a hospital for a psychological evaluation.

The flight attendant did not file criminal charges.