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Exiqon Releases Third Generation microRNA Hi-Power Labeling Kit

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

VEDBAEK, Denmark, Jan. 24, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exiqon A/S (Copenhagen:EXQ), a leading supplier of high-value gene expression analysis products, today announced the launch of the 3rd generation of miRCURY LNATM microRNA Labeling Kit called Hi-Power for labeling of microRNAs for downstream hybridization to microRNA arrays.

The new Hi-Power microRNA labeling kits increase the signal intensity (signal-to-noise) of the labeling up to 2 fold. This enables users of the miRCURY LNATM microRNA Array platform to use substantial less total RNA sample (down to half the amount) in order to obtain the same level of microRNA profiling compared to using the previous labeling kits and yet detect more microRNAs expressed at very low levels.

"The launch of the new labeling kits provides our customers with the most sensitive microRNA Array platform available on the market" said Vice President Sales & Marketing, Dr. Henrik M. Pfundheller and added: "Together with the recent launch of the 6th generation miRCURY LNATM microRNA Arrays having a full coverage of miRBase 16 for human, mouse and rat, Exiqon clearly has taken the lead in offering microRNA researchers the most valuable solution for microRNA profiling using microarrays".

Additional information:

Lars Kongsbak, President and CEO, tel. +45 4566 0888 (cell: +45 4090 2101)

Henrik M. Pfundheller, VP Sales & Marketing, tel. +45 4565 0420 (cell: +45 4090