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DriverSafe(R) Plus from ISO's iiX Unit Helps Employers Identify and Manage Driver-Related Risks

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JERSEY CITY, N.J., Jan. 24, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ISO announces the release of DriverSafe® Plus — a service from iiX, a premier provider of driver records (motor vehicle reports/MVRs) — to help employers and their insurers actively manage and track driver-related risks. DriverSafe Plus permits employers to identify risks found on the driver records of employees operating their vehicles. DriverSafe Plus offers pragmatic analytical tools to uncover and address those risks before they present serious issues, including potential liability.

"In today's business environment, risk managers can no longer rely on record checks once or twice a year to manage driver-related risks. Our unique service provides focused risk management analysis of driver record data using charts, graphs, and tables to highlight various factors reflecting potential driver risk," said Sean Quillivan, general manager of iiX. "DriverSafe Plus provides the ability to quickly identify and analyze risk factors for a particular driver or for a fleet of drivers as a whole."

DriverSafe Plus permits managers of drivers to focus on their own particular business needs. For example, the use of scoring allows managers with multistate fleets to measure driver activity against an objective standard because the scoring tool is designed to eliminate inconsistencies in reporting across various jurisdictions. In addition, in states permitting active driver record monitoring, iiX's DriverAdvisor monitoring service will alert employers when a monitored driver has had a violation or adverse change in driving record.

Commercial insurers will also find value in DriverSafe Plus, as the service can be used to easily incorporate an insurer's underwriting guidelines directly into a customer's risk management program. Employers will know quickly whether the driver records of current or prospective employees meet the insurability requirements of their policy. Statistical information can be provided to the insurer to ensure MVRs are being used by their insureds as an effective risk management tool.

DriverSafe Plus is available through iiX's ExpressNet online solution. "The most exciting thing about this service is that it offers a tool for employers to identify trends and isolate driver risk factors within seconds with just a few clicks of a mouse," said Quillivan. "Employers can view new driver activity, violation details, license expirations, and status changes. The availability of this information and its concise presentation give employers the ability to take immediate action to reduce or eliminate risks before they cause real problems."

DriverSafe Plus also acts as an electronic file cabinet where companies can securely store information about their drivers, within regulatory constraints. In addition, monthly summary reports allow for easy month-to-month comparisons and provide full documentation. 

For more information on DriverSafe Plus, contact iiX at 1-800-683-8553 or send e-mail to

iiX offers insurers a wide variety of underwriting reports, such as auto and property loss-history reports and credit score reports. For employers, the company offers background screening services, such as criminal records, employment and education verification, Department of Transportation employment verification, and trace/SSN reports. iiX has direct relationships with motor vehicle departments in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. iiX is a unit of ISO.

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