3DIcon's Recently Awarded Patent Addresses Significant Markets for 3D Projection Across Numerous Industries

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TULSA, Okla., Jan. 26, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 3DIcon Corporation (OTCBB:TDCP), a developer of volumetric, three-dimensional projection and display technologies, identifies significant markets addressed by its recently granted U.S. patent (# 7,858,913). The patent strategically positions the company to lead the emergence and commercialization of volumetric 3D display technology.

"The industries our technology addresses are each multi-billion dollar markets. Once fully launched, CSpace® has the potential to become the vital core technology for volumetric 3D applications in these markets. 3DIcon has begun preliminary discussions with leading firms in some of these markets. In addition to gathering interest, these discussions have led to support for our research and grant funding efforts. For our grant proposals to NASA and the National Science Foundation, the Boeing Company has provided letters of interest and indicated to the granting agencies their willingness to consider assisting 3DIcon in the development of its technology," stated Vivek Bhaman, Chairman of 3DIcon's Technology Advisory Board.

CSpace addresses significant markets with applications including: medical imaging (CAT Scans, MRIs, Dental); baggage and cargo scanning; military and defense applications; engineering and geospatial exploration for oil and mining; video games; and air traffic control systems.  

CSpace is a breakthrough and offers significant advantages over current 3D imaging technologies. CSpace will project a high-resolution, full-color, volumetric 3D image into a physical three dimensional image space made of a polymer matrix. It creates both dense and translucent images for use in mission critical functions including healthcare, security and defense. CSpace enables viewing inside organs, cargo containers, and baggage, as well as large scale terrain such as oceans and mountains, all of which are beyond the capabilities of other current display methodologies. For visualization of CSpace images please visit .   

About 3DIcon Corporation

3DIcon Corporation is a developer of groundbreaking 3D projection and display technologies that are designed to produce full color, 360-degree volumetric images, a development many consider to be the next step in 3D display technology. The Company has completed a working prototype of its flagship volumetric 3D technology, CSpace ®, a breakthrough in 3D imaging. The Company has also launched its first software product, Pixel Precision ®, which targets the R&D market for developers using Texas Instruments' DLP® line of products. For more information, visit .

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