Dear Cashmere Lists on the Over the Counter Market

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dear Cashmere Holding Company (Pink Sheets:DRCR), a boutique designer and manufacturer of luxury Cashmere apparel, has completed a successful listing of its company on the Over the Counter Market.

Founded in 2007, Dear Cashmere engages in the manufacture, design, and sale of ready to wear luxury cashmere apparel. The Company is vertically integrated in that it spins its own yarn from premium cashmere and mink cashmere suppliers, employs eco-friendly dieing techniques, and produces products based on their Paris based designer. The company's market is predominantly China and Hong Kong. The Company sells three lines of products, common or everyday; serious or business; and high serious or formal. They also offer limited made-to-order services. The common and serious styles range from $60-300, while the high-end serious styles range from $450-1850.

Baotong Liu, President and CEO commented, "We are proud to be a listed company in the U.S. and believe that by being in the U.S. financial market, we will be more attractive to financing entities. Cashmere is a luxury item, and retailers understand that the Chinese market is increasingly becoming a luxury market battleground. By being in the right space at the right time, our shareholders stand to profit enormously."

About Dear Cashmere

Employing Paris based designers, Dear Cashmere is a vertically integrated luxury apparel company. The company markets through 16 company stores and licenses its products to over 400 different retail outlets. For more information, please visit

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