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If you're on the lam, watch where you pee

A man convicted of armed robbery in Florida who had been on the run since escaping in 1983 is arrested after an Atlanta officer sees him urinating in public, police say.
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Edward Nathan Jr. just couldn't hold it in.

That cost him his freedom.

Nathan, now 50, escaped from a Tampa work release center in 1983. After eluding capture for nearly three decades, authorities said, he was arrested Friday on a public urination charge in Fulton County, Ga.

Nathan was living under the name Claude Brooks, but fingerprints revealed his true identity as a fugitive, the Florida Department of Corrections said.

Nathan was serving a five-year sentence for robbery with a deadly weapon in a Duval County case when he escaped from the Tampa Community Correctional Center on Aug. 27, 1983.

Authorities are arranging for Nathan to be returned to Florida.