Cloud Centric Systems, Inc. Comments on DTCC Stock Chill

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LONDON, Feb. 7, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud Centric Systems, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CLDR) CEO, David Lovatt announces today that the company would aggressively support its shareholders in a fight to remove the chill order put in place by the DTC.

On Thursday 3rd February 2011, the DTCC placed a 'Chill Order' on the stock of Cloud Centric Systems, Inc. meaning that stock could not be transferred using brokerages who are using DTC services. No explanation, prior or post notification, was given to the Board of Cloud Centric Systems in a move which has clearly damaged investor confidence.

David Lovatt, CEO of Cloud Centric said: "…I tried at least twenty times to get a response from the relevant parties at the DTCC but could receive no satisfactory reason as to why this had occurred. At one stage, I was told that they were under no obligation to speak with me; however, after several more calls in to their switchboard, a compliance officer agreed to call me back before Tuesday 8th February 2011. All efforts are being made to resolve this issue."

The company has taken steps to ensure that shareholders are furnished with the very latest information about this matter by setting up a blog on the company's website. It can be reached directly by going to

In commenting on the cause of the Chill order, David Lovatt had this to say: "Whether there is a compliance issue around the decrease of the Authorized or whether, as we suspect, this action has been taken because of 'naked short selling' of our stock with the intent of artificially altering the price of the stock. We intend to fight aggressively to get back on track. Whatever action is required, legal or otherwise, will be taken to restore our good standing and to ensure the DTCC remove this restraint."

About Cloud Centric Systems:

Cloud Centric Systems specializes in cloud based technologies that use the Internet to deliver business critical applications via a global network of partners. Cloud Centric Systems plans to grow via strategic acquisition over the coming 12 months as well as strong sales through its subsidiaries, Cloud Centric Systems (UK) ltd and VizualMobile Ltd.

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