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Google Chrome Tightens Security Screws

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Google has updated its Chrome Web browser and fixed nine of the browser's security vulnerabilities in the process.

The updated Chrome version 9 was rolled out last week, and includes patches for nine defects, including faulty PDF software and secure sockets layer (SSL) libraries that left Chrome open to cyberattack.

The Chrome update also addressed an error in the browser’s audio handling program that could have allowed a hacker to escape Chrome’s built-in sandbox technology, a feature that isolates computer infections and prevents them from spreading, according to Computerworld.

Chrome’s quick fix comes at a good time for Google, who announced it would pay $20,000 to anyone who could  hack into Chrome at next month’s CanSecWest conference.

To automatically update Chrome, users can go to the wrench icon in the browser’s upper right corner and select “About Google Chrome.” Chrome will check for  security updates and inform you if any are available.