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Ideal Signs New Agreement With Major Lender Management Company

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 8, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ideal Financial Solutions, Inc. (Pink Sheets:IFSL), a creator of various financial products and services for businesses and individuals, has launched a new lender assistance program designed to aid both the borrower and lender who are in or near default. Under this new program Ideal will assist lenders in reducing their default costs while improving their relationship with struggling borrowers and help borrowers get back on their feet and current on their payments.

"Historically, lenders have responded to borrowers who were late on their payments with a 'punish first and try to help later approach', which has proven to be very costly in both customer relations and collections on loans that have gone into default," said Steve Sunyich, CEO, Ideal Financial Solutions. "With Ideal's new lender assistance program, if a borrower goes into default the first step is for us to do an in-depth financial analysis to see if they can more effectively manage and increase their cash flow by making better financial decisions. If the customer is in a desperate financial situation and bankruptcy is likely, we will help identify this for the lender so that they no longer waste money pursuing a lost cause. If the customer only needs financial help, the sooner the lender understands this and works with the customer the better for all parties."

"We believe that this is yet another way we can take our existing technology and help Americans enhance their personal financial condition," Sunyich added. "But this new partnership, which we have not named for competitive purposes, helps not only individuals but also the lenders who have suffered substantial losses due to these difficult times. The more losses the lenders suffer the less money they will loan and the slower the country's financial recovery will be. This program is a strong fit with long-reaching benefits for all parties involved."

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