Lucas Energy Reports Hagen EF No.1H Update

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HOUSTON, Feb. 8, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lucas Energy, Inc. (NYSE:Amex), an independent oil and gas company, today reported that the Hilcorp Energy Corp-operated Hagen EF No.1H well is performing as expected during the clean up period after the fracture stimulation treatment recently performed on the well. The Company anticipates that the well will meet, or exceed, its performance expectations. Since the well is a "tight hole," actual production results will not be announced until made public through the Texas Railroad Commission. A "tight hole" well is one for which the drilling and completion information is kept secret for strategic reasons to protect the interests of the operator (Hilcorp) and the non-operated working interest owners (Lucas), which may be acquiring additional acreage, or interests, in the area. It is the decision of the operator to classify the well as a "tight hole" in the interests of all working interest owners. In no way should the classification of a well as a "tight hole" be considered negative. In fact, the Hagen EF No.1H well is already producing oil in commercial quantities.

In other news, the Hilcorp operated Hagen EF No.2H well is anticipated to be fracture stimulated within the next few days. As a result, we expect to see an increase in revenues 30 days earlier than predicted.

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