Border Security: Are we Ready for the Day Before Tomorrow?

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

WASHINGTON, Feb. 10, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Homeland Security & Defense Business Council today released its sixth monograph in its 9/10/11 Project, focusing on the evolution of border security agencies and missions and examining the mechanisms in place to secure our borders against terrorism and illegal activity. With increasing concern over violence on our southern border, the Council interviews numerous leaders to identify the challenges we must confront and the solutions available to achieve a secure and resilient border.

"From managing those entering legally to stopping those smuggling illegal contraband – or worse, weapons of mass destruction – the U.S. must call upon all available resources and technologies," said Marc Pearl, Council President & CEO. "Only through the integration of local, state and federal law enforcement, federal agencies and the private sector will the nation be able to comprehensively combat the threat and stop any transgressor from inflicting harm."

The September 11th terrorist attacks generated a new federal focus on greater centralization of border security responsibility and more effective information sharing with other federal counterterrorism agencies. The private sector has made – and continues to make – substantial investments in innovative products, services and solutions to advance the land, sea and air border security mission. This monograph reviews these changes and examines how industry is supporting U.S. efforts to enhance border security.  

On the 10th of each month through September 2011, the Council will release a monograph that will provide a brief history of our security efforts on a specific topic, as well as an assessment of the future of that topic. Each monograph will include a running timeline (interactive on our website) illustrating the events, incidents, and critical government responses pertinent to that month's topic. Industry leaders will be made available for additional interviews. For more information on the project, visit .

About the Council
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