Report: Investor Relations Compensation and Budgets Rebound in 2010

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WESTPORT, Conn., Feb. 10, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coming off a period of profound uncertainty in the markets in 2008 and 2009, compensation for investor relations professionals bounced back notably in 2010, according to a new report from Rivel Research Group. In the most comprehensive examination of IR compensation and budgets to date, Rivel's Examining IRO Compensation in 2010 provides an in-depth examination of a wide range of fundamental aspects to the investor relations profession.

Focused on a broad-based representative sample of Russell 3000 IROs, Examining IRO Compensation in 2010 provides intelligence on 743 IR professionals (428 of whom are the senior-most IRO at their company). Specifically, drill-down insight is supplied regarding current trends in salary and bonus structure by market cap, title and education level, among many other factors. In addition, the report offers an indispensable information database of findings surrounding budgets for IR programs, the most important goals/trends in the industry and unique insight into the salary/bonus review process (with the aim of providing the most effective method for advocating a pay raise).

Examining IRO Compensation in 2010 offers the unique opportunity for IR professionals to compare their compensation with that of their peers using custom parameters and with an option for developing a multi-dimensional model which will help pinpoint what they perhaps should be making given their own individual circumstances and experience.

Other highlights from the report include:

  • The most important means/metrics used to judge performance as an IRO, and how these performance metrics impact salary.
  • The average year-over-year salary increase for senior IROs, the level of effort needed to receive a fair raise, and which factors are most influential to the person who sets salary.
  • The typical benefits plan received by senior IROs including 401(k) contributions, company stock, health insurance as well as the average amount of vacation time for IR professionals.
  • Which members of management are typically involved in the review process of on-the-job performance, and how often job performance is reviewed.

Examining IRO Compensation in 2010 will be available on February 11. For further information about the report and to purchase a copy, please contact Barbara Sullivan, Director of Marketing, at (203) 635-4383 or via email at

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