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Re: Attorney: Race possible motive in Kobe accusation

Readers show a broad range of opinion

Name: Paul W
Hometown: Phoenix
I believe that Kobe's attorneys pulling the race card is typical in this type of case.  I think he may be guilty of the charges but will await a verdict.  Meanwhile, I am appalled that race has been brought up as a factor.  This is just another O.J. type ploy that high dollar legals try to pull to make anyone not of dark skin to look as the instigator.  Let's think about the real victim here.  White, black, yellow or blue, rape is rape an the rapist should be punished regardless of their status.  Remember this Bryant bought off his wife with a big rock.  I don't think any real loved one would require such a payment for HONEST support.

Name: SE
Hometown: Denver CO

To Kobe Bryant and his attorneys:  When you know you're guilty and all else fails - blame it on your race!

Name: Ramon
Hometown: Denver
Show us a picture of the white t***h chick!  It's not fair only Kobe gets coverage!  This is racism at its height!


Regarding the Kobe Bryant case.
This so-called victim sounds unstable.  I am a white female and everyone knows white females have a strong tendency to cry wolf after she has had sex with a black man.  Afraid what her family and community my think.  This case should be through out.

Name: Pastor R. O. Quarles
Hometown: Hopkinsville, KY

Mr. Kobe is a rich young Black man and his accuser is a poor lady trying to get rich on anyone to please her man.

Name: Robert Taylor
Hometown: Toledo, OH
Dear sir: Well it was just a matter of time, it worked for O.J. why not use it for Kobe?  What do you say, "THE RACE CARD?"  I see they now want to play it. I can not help but wonder if we in the U.S.A. are going to stand still for this "Naked Attempt" to thwart justice with the race card again.

What has happened to our supposedly FAIR and IMPARTIAL justice system when a person can get off just because they are "RICH and BLACK?"  We should all be ashamed if he gets away with this, why can't we let the facts decide this issue without tearing down and destroying people and let a person's color or religion get them off?

You can darn well note that Jackson is watching all this and if it works we well might have at least three "Rich, Guilty, colored men roaming scott free!

Name: Robyn
Hometown: Dallas
I am really tired of the bashing of Kobe Bryant. You hear nothing about the so called "victim" she is being protected.  I feel that it is not right and that she should recieve the same scrutiny that he's recieving.  The prosecution is well aware that they have no real case, and if her medical records are allowed into court then there will be no trial.  I think that there was consenual sex and that something didn't go her way.  So she decided to file rape charges not realizing that when you do so, a rape kit will be performed.  Just from the things that I've heard following the case, that she was a person who was not all that stable and not a "virgin" so the judge needs to allow her medical records and her past to be allowed into the trial. 

Her accusations have caused him alot of pain and heartache. He has lost out on a lot, So what makes her a saint?  All I am saying is that his name is in the news there should be equal treatment.  Her past affairs prove that she is unstable but this is only my opinion and it has no real meaning.  Because GOD, Kobe, and I will not mention her name, only knows what really happened.  He is higher than any judge and ultimately has the very last say so.  So with that only time will tell and the truth will prevail.

P.S. Being fair, if you're faithful to woman that you claim you love, you would never end up in this situation.  This is a WAKE-UP CALL to all that choose to let temptation get the best of them -men and women alike!!!!

Name: Dave
Hometown: Saint Louis

This news about Kobe being accused because he is black seems like a desperate grab at a reason to dismiss the case or at least a way to turn the jury against the real victim in this crime.

Name: Keith
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

Race as motive?  I think not.  I think that because Kobe is black, he should have been smarter.  If his accuser is that unstable, he should have seen it coming.  He should have been the one saying "No."  Instead, he went for the quick moment of fun.  I think they should close the doors, have court and let us know when it is over.  Kobe may not be guilty of rape, but he is guilty of wrongdoing.   

Name: KC
Hometown: Des Moines, IA

The Kobe thing is already a racist situation.  If this was an average income white or hispanic male, he'd be in jail already.

Name: Mike
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn

Kobe's lawyers kept on scrambling for anything to make themselves look good and it's a big joke when they bring up racism that takes place.  Tey are doing this just to get Kobe off the hook.  It just makes me sick in the stomach when they bring up bullcrap about racism!

Name: Jo
Hometown: Midland

I am sick and tired, besides disgusted, by the defense team of Kobe Bryant.  They are now using the racist card, besides insisting that the accuser is a slut.  She may have wanted to have sex with Mr. Bryant, but she may have changed her mind.  If she said no then that means a man must respected her desicion and stop, otherwise, it is rape.  It doesn't matter if the woman had multiple sex partners before or after the incident, it is still rape. 

We have laws in this country where the victim is suppose to be protected, but then we have dubious lawyers who don't care and still try to drag the woman's reputation through the mud.  Mr. Bryant had no  business being with the young lady in the first palce, since he is married.

Unfortunately in this country we have allowed sports figures carte blanche on their behavior.  They have been told over and over that they can have anything they want to just take because they are a sport's superstar.  This needs to stop and palyers need to realize that they are not gods but people who need to set examples for the youth of our country,

Name: Kenisha Malcom
Hometown: Louisville, KY

By making race an issue in this (and other) cases, Bryant et al bring us down. It just stokes the flames of anger and resentment -an outcome the media seems anxious to cultivate.

Name: James T Logan
Hometown: Edgewater, Florida

The term race card makes me sick.  All those bright eyed, white newscasters, should try being black in America for one year.  We don't use the race card, we have to live it.  America is still racist.  Look at the venom coming out of some of the women reporters (Court TV especially) and you will realize how the black man is looked upon by many.  The black man must get wise and realize that forbidden fruit is poison.

Name: Linda Johnson
Hometown: Orland
Get over the race thing with Kobe.  The woman is guilty of false rape charges, can't you see this?  I am a white 57 year-old woman who sees a slit this this one.  Stay out of mens' rooms.

Name: Regina
Hometown: Los Angeles
In regard to Kobe's case: I am totally confused as to why only the victim's sexual history is so relevant and no one questions Kobe's?  Does he have a history of promiscuous sexual behavior?  He didn't even use protection during intercourse with a total stranger who for all he knew might carry a STD, and then he goes home to his wife and children. How responsible and credible is that behavior? He lied to the police initially and publicly denied having committed adultery.  The media didn't say much about that fact, but not so with Scott Peterson.  He is a defendant also and his sexual history and lies about it have been heavily and publicly scrutinized.  Rape is a serious crime, so why is Kobe getting different treatment?  Because he is a popular athlete and can spend millions on his defense?  Whatever happened to fairness?

Is the defense going to send a message to prospective rapists that it is in their best interest to choose a victim who has some mental and/or emotional problems and is sexually active with several partners?  The rape shield law doesn't apply to Kobe because he is a great basketball player?

In regard to the defense's idea that the victim shared her medical and sexual history with friends and family causes her right to privacy to be waived, that's utterly ridiculous. Most people talk with people other than their doctors about those things, that's her choice who she wants to, whom she feels comfortable to disclose her private issues with.  The only thing that should be brought into court is if she had a history of falsely accusing men of sexual violence.