Diver feared dead in attack by 2 sharks off Australia

/ Source: msnbc.com staff and news service reports

A diver was presumed dead after a dive boat captain saw two sharks, possibly great whites, drag him away off the south Australian coast, police said Thursday.

Police Insp. Glen Sickerdick told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that the abalone diver was surfacing when he was attacked near Port Lincoln in South Australia state.

"It's been reported that the diver was returning to the surface on Thursday afternoon when two sharks, which are believed to be great whites, attacked and grabbed him," he said.

The boat's captain returned alone to port where he was treated for shock, an ambulance service spokeswoman said.

With night approaching when the news of the attack reached officials, a search for the diver's remains was scheduled during daylight Friday.

The area is known for sharks and has seen a big increase in sightings in recent weeks, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported.