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Outrage over Janet Jackson exposure

Forwarding your complaints to Washington D.C.

We’ve gotten more e-mail in Scarborough Country on the Super Bowl half-time fiasco than any other.  Joe read some of them on the air on Wednesday, and took a special trip to to deliver the thousands of e-mails to the folks who can actually make something happen -- the FCC and Capitol Hill.  So, if you’ve got an opinion on the subject and you haven’t already, send an e-mail to and we’ll pass it along to those who can make a difference.

Here are some of the e-mails people have sent Joe:
  • "What a vulgar and ridiculous performance the half-time show was....just goes to show that when you have no talent you have to turn to shock value in order to get attention....the whole bunch should go somewhere and cool off. CBS, the NFL and MTV should be ashamed, though I doubt they will be....what a new low for American television!" –Joyce, Oklahoma
  • "I have had it with network programming ‘standards’.  What is the value of the FCC if they don’t enforce appropriate programming standards?  It’s truly pitiful that my children can’t watch the Superbowl now.  The FCC should hold CBS accountable and I am hoping that George W. Bush will do his part as well to make that happen." -Maureen Threet, Dallas, TX
  • "The whole halftime show was the worst form of family entertainment I have ever encountered.  I have worked very hard at teaching my three teenagers good moral values.  The first thing I plan on doing is boycotting Janet Jackson and MTV.  I am so embarassed for our Country, our families, and for our forefathers who  built this great land on faith and family." –C. Jones
  • "I consider myself extremely liberal in the social and political senses (Edwards for President!), but I was appalled by this years superbowl.  In addition to erectile dysfunction, non-stop beer commercials, the dancing, and of course Janet’s wardrobe malfunction, no one seems to be mentioning Kid Rock’s desecration of our flag.  Has no one noticed that he torn an actual American flag down the center and wore it as a poncho?  There are very specific standards for displaying our flag... this was every bit as far over the line as Janet." -Andrew Politi
  • "I watched the Superbowl with my young daughter.  I was horified with Justin reaching across Janet Jackson and exposing her breast.  My daughter could not believe what she saw and I was angry.  Janet should be arrested for indecent exposure, Justin for contributing and MTV should be fined for allowing it to happen.  The game was the best game in years and it is being underplayed by the indecent exposure event." -Sharon S., Minneapolis, MN
  • "I watched the halftime show with my 9 year old son. I was disgusted by the entire program. The FCC needs to lower the boom on both CBS and the NFL. I would also suggest that the Jackson and Timberlake appearances be removed from the Grammy’s program next week. They and CBS should not be allowed to profit from this." –PJ
  • "If someone ran nude, out into the football field, he/she is arrested. If at Mardi Gras, a woman shows her breast, she is arrested. Then what Janet Jackson did is wrong, it should  not have been shown on TV, and she should have be arrested, this being a publicity stunt." -Jim,   Mobile, AL
  • "Just writing to say that the exposure of Ms. Jackson’s breast on public TV was very, very offensive.  For a program in prime time being watched by millions of families with young children to pull a stunt like this is unforgiveable.  Ms. Jackson and her 'friend' should be charged with public indecency and spend some time in jail along with a hefty fine.  Good grief, does the MTV and Hollywood crowd have ANY morals left?" -Gerald McMasters, Lubbock, Texas
  • "I think the stunt that was pulled the night of the Superbowl was so embarrassing for all of the United States. The FCC should have stepped into TV programming many months/years ago to regulate such acts. What was CBS thinking? MTV has a reputation of putting inappropriate material on the air. The FCC alone should step into that whole station and clean it up! They should have known what was going to happen. I personally am tired of having to screen everything my children watch unless it is on Nickelodeon, TV Land, or Cartoon Network." - Charlotte Guin, OKC, OK
  • "I am a 17 year old from Foxborough, Massachusetts.  Not only was I truelly disgusted with Janet’s act, I am also appalled that Justin and MTV still do not take credit for what happened.  Under MTV’s discretion was the halftime show to be aired, and because of the performer’s screw-ups, Janet, Justin, and MTV should be fined.  Many people believe that MTV’s halftime show is what teens want to see.  However, I’ll say that on behalf of most teens, the sight was an embarrassment and shows how low performers must stoop.  Finally, after all these bare performances, it makes people finally realize how American pop culture must be fixed!  It saddens me that children are now losing their innocents at such a young age.  Justin and Janet should have known better.  What a disgrace to all Americans, shame on them MTV and the performers!" –Shannon
  • "I got issues!  The music industry hit a new low.  The sexual gyrations and genital grabbing of the dancers was disgusting.  As if that were not bad enough, Justin and Janet should be ashamed.  We were extremely offended." -Vera and Marilyn, Margate, Florida