Wheelchair-bound woman put on wrong flight

/ Source: msnbc.com

A family is furious after Delta Air Lines mistakenly put their wheelchair-bound grandmother on the wrong flight, CNN reports.

Nefissa Yesuf, 80, was scheduled to fly from Atlanta to Dulles International Airport on Sunday. Instead, she allegedly was given someone else's boarding pass from a Delta employee and put on a plane. She landed in Charlotte, N.C., with no one to greet her.

"We got a phone call at 4:30 from the airport saying, 'Your grandmother was in baggage claim. Where are you guys?'" Melika Adem, her granddaughter, told CNN. "She was crying."

Yesuf is from Ethiopia and doesn't speak English.

Transportation Security Administration representative Greg Soule told CNN that the agency is investigating how Yesuf managed to get through security screening with an incorrect boarding pass.

"Every day TSA screens nearly 2 million passengers and utilizes many layers of security to keep our nation's transportation systems secure," he said. "Every passenger passes through multiple layers of security to include thorough screening at the checkpoint."

TSA officers are required to match boarding passes with a traveler's driver's license or other photo identification.

Delta also is investigating.

The Department of Transportation fined Delta $2 million last week for violating federal rules on passengers with disabilities. The agency said it had found many violations of the requirements to provide assistance to passengers while getting on and off airplanes.

Yesuf was reunited with her granddaughter Sunday evening.