Manhattan Mobile Solution Provides Cross-Channel "Save the Sale" Capabilities to Store Associates

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ATLANTA, Feb. 28, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today's consumer expects a seamless transition as they move from a retailer's website to physically shopping in the store and back again. It sounds simple, but executing on this customer-centric vision requires that new processes and technology are available to store associates. This new shopping paradigm has made mobile access to supply chain information and capabilities a top priority for global retailers, providing inventory, order and shipment visibility to the store associates working on the front lines to give customers a Zero Disappointment Retail™ experience.

Help save the sale with mobile decision-making ...

To serve these needs, Manhattan Associates (Nasdaq:MANH) has released the mobile-enabled Store Commerce Activation solution to support in-store pickup processes and ship-from-store options that help "save the sale" by empowering in-store sales associates to find, sell and deliver products to customers no matter where the product might be in the supply chain network. Store Commerce Activation complements existing systems and helps retailers take a big step forward on store-level inventory integrity— a crucial element to flawless cross channel retail execution. 

... provides inventory visibility and order fulfillment, at your fingertips

"Having immediate, 'at-your-fingertips' access to the supply chain gives a retailer the ability to improve inventory accuracy at the store level and manage often complex in-store order fulfillment requests that ensure customers can shop, buy and pick up merchandise in the most convenient way for them," said Eddie Capel, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Manhattan Associates. "Store Commerce Activation gives our customers critical inventory management capabilities to immediately improve in-store service to customers."

Store Commerce Activation applications function with Manhattan' Associates' Supply Chain Process Platform by utilizing core solutions in combination with an intelligent client interface residing on a handheld device. Always available, even when a wireless connection is unavailable or lost, Store Commerce Activation allows a user to continue to continue to function, even when hitting the inevitable 'dead spot' in a retail store's wireless network.

Store Commerce Activation continues the evolution of Manhattan Associates' Zero Disappointment Retail approach, supply chain optimization capabilities that enable retailers to increase revenue by saving every sale and presenting a consistent brand experience to customers across every selling channel.

Manhattan's Store Commerce Activation enables retailers to:

  • Improve store inventory accuracy
  • Streamline scan-based receiving for all types of shipments at any level of detail
  • Reduce labor required to perform routine inventory adjustments
  • 'Save the sale' and offer an "endless aisle" of merchandise through on the floor sales order capture
  • Seamlessly execute order fulfillment requests from any channel, any source
  • Ship and track parcel packages to consumers, other stores, back to the DC, etc.

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