Arcis Resources Corporation's Merger Partner American Plant Services (APS) Volunteers Its Services to Save Auburn University's Historic Toomer's Corner Poisoned Trees

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

AUBURN, Ala., March 3, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arcis Resources Corporation (OTCBB:ARCS) is party to a previously-announced agreement to acquire American Plant Services, LLC (APS). APS is proud to announce their volunteer involvement in the multi-discipline project to save the historic oak trees at Toomer's Corner located on the Auburn University Campus. On February 16th, 2011, Auburn University officials discovered that a herbicide commonly used to kill trees was deliberately applied in lethal amounts to the soil around the Toomer's Corner live oaks. Toomer's Corner is a historic landmark which has been the home of countless celebrations and a symbol of the Auburn spirit for generations of Auburn students, fans, alumni, and community.

A team led by Professor Gary Keever designed a remediation solution to save the trees, which included removing the contaminated soils around the poisoned trees. Referred to the University by Newfields Environmental, APS was contacted by Charles Crawford, Superintendent of Landscape Services for Auburn University, to provide a vacuum truck to dispose of the contaminated soil around the poisoned oaks. Within three hours of the request, APS had a crew and vacuum truck on the site, and began the soil remediation process. For the next two days, an APS crew worked alongside the Auburn University-led team to execute the plan to save the trees.

According to Mr. Crawford, getting APS involved was "one of the great moments of the whole process. APS responded in three hours, and just did a wonderful job. On top of that, Steve Sherbert, an APS supervisor, was on-site asking if there was anything else that APS could do to help with the project."  

"We could not have completed this...[saving the trees]  even with an army of workers digging out the soil and moving it. Their [APS] equipment and help were invaluable," stated Gary Keever.

Although APS's management team are steadfast University of Alabama supporters, Auburn's historic in-state rival, Kenneth Flatt, the APS CEO, volunteered the Company's services at zero-cost to Auburn University.  Mr. Flatt stated that "especially in the current business and political environment, it is important that we put our rivalries aside and do the right thing. We are very proud to help our neighbors at Auburn University and will do what we can to save their historic landmark."

Arcis Resources Corporation is an environmental energy company headquartered in Birmingham, AL, which has entered into an share exchange agreement with Mobile Fluid Recovery and its parent company, American Plant Services, LLC.

American Plant Services, LLC, a Alabama limited liability company ("APS") is headquartered in Birmingham, AL with operations in Alabama, Utah, Georgia, and Virginia. American Plant Services is a full service, turn-key provider of industrial cleaning, mechanical and maintenance services, and environmental project management solutions with over 170 employees. Since 2002, APS has serviced top-tier clients such as Owens Corning, Rio Tinto, Nucor Steel, Tyson Foods, and Georgia Power, among others, through its locations in 4 states.

CONTACT: For media inquiries: Arcis Resources Corporation 205-453-9632