Dutch Gold Completes Analysis of Jungo Drill Hole Data

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ATLANTA, March 3, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dutch Gold Resources, Inc. (OTCQB:DGRI) (the "Company") ( http://dutchgold.com ) today announced that it has completed its initial analysis of the drill hole data from the recently completed Jungo drilling program. Based on the assays, the Company is pleased to report confirmation of earlier trenching data, warranting further exploration of the Jungo targets.

The core hole confirmed the trench structure. The core interval from 60 feet to 336 feet is dominated by fine-grained shallow sialic igneous rock mixed with local blocks and fragments of Pretertiary sedimentary rocks and chloritized diorite. The interval contains abundant bleaching, silicification, clay-like alteration, and apparent volcanic ash and pumice. The entire interval contains very abundant sulfides, with local zones that are mostly pyrite. The sulfides are associated with zones of shearing, tectonic flow structures, and crackle breccia textures. The interval appears to cross a volcanic vent zone that developed along range front faulting.

The property appears to contain at least two mineral systems, an earlier, higher temperature copper-dominated system, and a later lower temperature gold and silver dominated system. 

The drill hole intersected an interval containing 1.4 percent copper from 55 to 70 feet. This copper zone has been encountered in trenches and prior drilling on the property to the north. Although the interpreted vent zone in the drill hole is considered to be high in the structure, almost all of the zone from 60 feet to 336 feet contained measurable levels of gold. The interval from 75 feet to 80 feet assayed 0.017 opt gold and 0.2 opt silver. The interval from 105 feet to 115 feet assayed 0.02 opt gold and 0.5 opt silver. The interval from 146 feet to 148 feet assayed 0.04 opt gold and 0.5 opt silver. A two-inch sample selected for more detailed assaying at 105 feet assayed 0.5 opt gold and 10 opt silver, suggesting a possible nugget effect. Additional assaying has been ordered to confirm that a nugget effect exists.

Dutch's geologist, Rauno Perttu, said, "We consider this drill hole to be very encouraging. It is a strong, thick zone with more sulfides than I have seen in a long time. The strong sulfides, coupled with strong arsenic and measurable gold and silver over a broad zone at a very shallow part of the system tell me this zone needs to be drilled at deeper levels to explore for high grade mineralization. The trenching and drilling have established persistent mineralization over an open-ended area several hundred feet wide that extends for 2,000 foot along the range front and has not yet been limited. To find these positive geological indicators and strong gold and silver showings this high in a basically untested system in Nevada is rare. I look forward to what we will find at a deeper, higher temperature level."

The actual data from the drilling program is available on the Company website at .

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