Ekomed Agrees to Collaboration on TB Immunotherapy

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 3, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Immune Network Ltd. (Pink Sheets:IMMFF) advises that Ukrainian company Ekomed LLC has agreed to collaborate with Immune Network and Immunitor for further clinical research of a tableted form of Ekomed's well-known immunomodulator herbal product Immunoxel/Dzherelo.

The new tableted Ekomed product has been the subject of a series of small clinical trials in eastern Ukraine, which demonstrated improved efficacy and shortened duration of treatment compared to the liquid tincture form. Ekomed is presenting these latest clinical results this week at the 18th Union TB and Lung Diseases Conference of the African Region in Nigeria.

Immunoxel/Dzherelo has been demonstrated in a dozen published clinical trials to have a powerful effect against active tuberculosis, including the severe drug-resistant forms (MDR-TB and XDR-TB) and a significant improvement in HIV-patients vs standard therapy.  For example, in dually TB/HIV co-infected patients Immunoxel/Dzherelo statistically significantly increased the absolute number of CD4 T-cells by 71%, the CD4/CD8 cell ratio by 25%, and the number of total CD3+ lymphocytes by 27%. The standard therapy resulted in deterioration of all these characteristics. The viral load decreased by 70% in the Immunoxel/Dzherelo group but increased in the cohort on standard therapy.  In HIV-patients  Immunoxel/Dzherelo statistically significantly (1.8 times) increased the number of CD4 cells vs standard therapy, reduced hepatic toxicity (by  50% reduction  of the initial/baseline values of ALT aminotransferase) vs increase in hepatic toxicity in patients on standard therapy. Immunoxel/Dzherelo was safe, contrasted with numerous side effects in the group on standard therapy. Immunoxel/Dzherelo increased body weight of patients by 5.7 kg vs 1.4 kg effect of standard therapy.

The new tableted formulation has major advantages in lower cost of production and of distribution, and is expected to exhibit much greater patient compliance. 

Although Immunoxel/Dzherelo is classified as an immunomodulator, similar in some pharmacological respects to Immunitor's V5, there are clinical and basic scientific differences between the products. The focus of Immune Network's future clinical trials will be to optimize the use of the products alone and in combination. Clinical trials will initially be conducted in one or more African countries and in Ukraine, with a focus on patients who suffer from MDR-TB or TB with HIV co-infection (TB/HIV).

The market potential for products such as Immunitor's V5 and Ekomed's Immunoxel/Dzherelo is large, since there are 9 million new cases of TB annually and 2 billion people are infected with the bacillus. Severe forms of TB – MDR-TB, XDR-TB and TB/HIV – are global health priorities. Immune Network, Immunitor, and Ekomed are committed to the principles of availability and affordability for the patients who need such products the most. 

Under the agreed-upon principles of its collaboration with Ekomed, Immune Network will contribute to the costs and assist in the conduct of the proposed clinical trials. The parties will establish a framework for profit sharing relevant to the possible combined global marketing and clinical use of the products.

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