Wizzard Media Enters Into Agreement to License Reach Messaging's Mobile Ad Technology

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

ASHBURN, Va., March 4, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reach Messaging, Inc., (OTCBB:RCMH), a developer of industry specific mobile phone App and platform technology, today announced that the Company has entered into an agreement with Wizzard Media (NYSE Amex:WZE) whereby Wizzard Media will use the Company's Interactive Ad Solution to advertise on its mobile phone applications. Additionally, Wizzard Media has agreed to a $150,000 equity investment in Reach Messaging.

The licensing agreement will allow Wizzard Media, the world's leading podcast network, which owns 1,100 mobile Apps, to leverage Reach Messaging's new technology to run both in-house and external mobile advertisements. The partnership is expected to increase the exposure of Reach Messaging's new ad solution to mobile ad publishers. As outlined in the licensing agreement, Reach Messaging and Wizzard Media will do a revenue split for revenues generated from mobile ads that are run by Wizzard Media for external ad publishers.

"Our partnership with Wizzard Media provides us with the perfect opportunity to legitimize the strength and uniqueness of our interactive ad solution over existing technologies. Due to their huge inventory of Apps, we believe that we will exponentially increase our exposure and network of ad publishers that could positively impact our company's growth. This is an ideal situation for our technology to showcase its ability to allow users to share ads via Facebook, Twitter and email which can lead to ads going viral and potentially reaching millions of users," commented Shane Gau, CEO of Reach Messaging.

"This agreement provides Wizzard Media with a great revenue sharing opportunity while providing us with a new and unique mobile App advertising technology," says Chris Spencer, Wizzard Media CEO. "Furthermore, we believe our investment in Reach will provide us with access to high quality App technology going forward and could substantially increase in value as their company grows. Wizzard continues to aggressively look for strategic investment opportunities in the mobile App space that can both benefit us with access to great technologies as well as increase in value as the mobile consumer era continues to gain momentum."

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Wizzard Media provides podcast publishers with distribution and monetization services. Our clients include Microsoft, National Geographic, Harvard Business Review, NPR and more than 16,700 others who use Wizzard Media products and services to measure their podcast audience, deliver popular audio and video entertainment and monetize their content through advertising and App sales. In 2010, the Wizzard Media Network received over 1.64 billion podcast requests from approximately 50 million people worldwide through iPods, iPhones, iPads, iTunes, Androids, BlackBerrys, Zunes and many other devices and destinations. We are part of a publicly held, Pittsburgh based company with thousands of shareholders and a world-class team. Visit us on the web at , email us at contact@wizzard.tv.

About Reach Messaging

Reach Messaging, Inc. helps companies extend their brands through customized mobile Apps and Bots used on mobile and instant messaging (IM) platforms. Since 2007, Reach Messaging has been in the Bot development business for America Online (AOL), which operates on AOL Instant Messenger (AOLIM). The Company has transitioned to the mobile Apps market and is currently developing a variety of Apps and App related technology for social media platforms including Facebook and all of the major mobile devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Digital Signage.

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