United American Petroleum Corp. Retains Gross Capital, Inc. to Manage Investor Relations Outreach Initiatives

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

AUSTIN, Texas, March 4, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- United American Petroleum Corp. (OTCBB:UAPC) is pleased to announce it has retained Gross Capital, Inc., a Texas based investor relations firm, to manage the Company's Investor Relations outreach initiatives. Gross Capital, Inc. has over 30 years of experience representing companies, primarily in the oil and gas sector, whose stocks may be undervalued due to lack of awareness and exposure on Wall Street. Gross Capital's focus is on increasing market awareness of the Company's strategic growth initiatives and the ongoing successful implementation of its business plan.

Michael Carey, President and CEO of United American Petroleum, stated, "As our Company enters its first full year as a publicly-traded company, we will be actively keeping our shareholders and the investment community informed of our business plans and developments as they transpire. Our alignment with Gross Capital is a key step in our effort to deliver our corporate message to the investment community as our business opportunities expand."

Barry Gross, President of Gross Capital, Inc., said, "We are delighted to be on board with United American Petroleum to provide our experience and expertise and increase the Company's market awareness, as well as deliver progress reports on the Company's developments as they unfold. After meeting with the Company's management team to discuss the Company's objectives, operations and expectations for the next year, I was very impressed by the Company's business model and future prospects. I believe the Company's management team possesses the commitment and drive to improve their shareholder value and lead their business strategies to fruition."

To be placed on the Company's master email list and receive future press releases, progress reports and developments, please send an email to unitedamericanpetroleum@grosscapital.com or contact Gross Capital, Inc. at (361) 949 – 4999.

About Gross Capital, Inc.

Gross Capital, Inc. is a premier Investor Relations consulting firm specializing in representing companies whose stocks are undervalued due to a lack of retail, institutional, or analyst support. Gross Capital strives to achieve near and long-term appreciation in their clients' stock through an effective and carefully orchestrated marketing campaign. Gross Capital's process fosters steady growth, name recognition and builds a solid foundation for the companies they represent. Gross Capital's constituency is comprised of brokers, analysts, money managers, fund managers and institutions. Additionally, Gross Capital develops creative custom marketing materials to pique the interest of investors and help distinguish their client companies from their peers. For more information about the Company, please visit .  

About United American Petroleum Corp.

United American Petroleum Corp. is an independent exploration, development, acquisition, production, and operating company engaged in advanced exploration, drilling and completion techniques to explore for, produce and develop domestic oil and natural gas reserves.  The Company's strategy centers on increasing shareholder value through actively pursuing and developing high-potential acquisitions for drilling and production while maintaining a prudently managed balance sheet.   The Company's current projects are in Texas; however, additional acquisitions may encompass active plays throughout the United States.

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CONTACT: Investor Contact Gross Capital, Inc. Barry Gross 361-949-4999 unitedamericanpetroleum@grosscapital.com