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RALEIGH, N.C., March 7, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Home-grown entrepreneur, Scott Sloan, is the local franchise owner for Fresh Healthy Vending. He and his wife, Tanya, bought this franchise last fall and the acceptance from the community has been overwhelming. A native North Carolina resident, Scott grew up in Asheville and has made Raleigh home for the past 20 years while he has enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world.

"One big change for me is how my work helps me be more connected to my community. It's really important to me that I'm serving Raleigh with healthier food choices," says Sloan.

CC & Company Dance Complex is a well-known studio where Kristi Yamaguchi practiced for ABC's Dancing with the Stars, they have also had several students compete on FOX's So you think you can dance?  Karen Talarico, the Business Manager of CC & Co. said, "As a dance school we need to make a strong statement to our students about caring for their bodies.  Our dancers used to leave the studio to buy junk food snacks.  After we installed Fresh Healthy Vending we learned something important.  When given a choice, students choose the healthier snacks.  Not just because they're healthy but because the selection tastes so good."  

The faculties of St. David's, Saint Mary's and Ravenscroft, all emphasize the importance of health in body and mind to their students. Joy Bradley of Saint Mary's School said, "Fresh Healthy Vending is a big hit! In fact, we can't keep the machine stocked.  The girls love it." Miriam Leshnock of St. David's is in agreement, "Parents piloted our decision to install Fresh Healthy Vending because they asked for healthier snacks for their children. Fresh Healthy Vending has turned out to be a wonderful choice.  The snacks are extremely popular!  In fact, our student paper is planning a story on the popularity of the snacks from Fresh Healthy Vending."

The machines are installed and stocked by Fresh Healthy Vending at no cost to the school, business or institution.  This makes it easy to say "yes" to supporting healthier, tasty snack and beverage choices for kids and adults.  Some of the other installed Raleigh locations include:  North Raleigh Gymnastics and Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness.

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Fresh Healthy Vending is North America's leading healthy vending franchisor and the only vending company that offers 100% juices, fresh vegetables, fruits, smoothies, and yogurts in every one of its healthy vending machines. Its model includes state of the art equipment, location procurement services, product distribution and development and comprehensive marketing support.

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