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Pastor creates app to soothe babies

An Austin pastor and dad creates a smart phone application that could help parents with fussy babies. It's called "Baby Shusher."
Image: Baby Shusher app
An Austin pastor and dad created the "Baby Shusher" app for iPhone. The app is $4.99.Baby Shusher
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An Austin pastor has created a smart phone application that could help parents with fussy babies.

Chad Zunker and his wife, Katie, remember those first few months when they brought their daughter, Anna, home.

Chad Zunker said, "What was supposed to be the most beautiful time quickly became the most stressful."

Anna, now a sweet 2-1/2 year old, was a very fussy baby.

Zunker said, "And there's nothing worse than being up at 2 a.m. staring at this child that you love and not being able to soothe them."

The Zunkers tried everything to calm her and then came across the ancient art of rhythmic shushing, endorsed by doctors and generations of frazzled parents.

Katie Zunker said, "As long as it's louder than their cry, it's almost like their eyes open wide and they're stopped in their tracks."

Chad Zunker said, "It just replicates what a baby has been used to hearing for nine months while they're in the womb."

While it worked like a charm, it was tiring for Chad Zunker, who mastered the art of loud, long shushes. So, he decided to record himself.

He said, "Suddenly, (Katie) could take my shush everywhere. She went to grocery stores, grandparents' house and we literally used it 12 to 15 times a day."

Katie Zunker said, "The place that that I loved using it most was in the car because there's nothing you can do."

By the time their second daughter, Madison, came around, they brought their digital shusher with them to the hospital!

Chad Zunker recalled, "We're using it in the hospital when all the baby nurses started coming in and were mesmerized, had never seen anything like it and it was at that point when Katie and I were like, 'I think we're on to something.' "

So Chad Zunker created an app called Baby Shusher, now available on iTunes.

He laughed, "This was born out of our own desperation."

You can set the time from 15 minutes up to eight hours and there's an automatic sound equalizer that adjusts the volume to match your baby's cries. The app costs $4.99.