BroadVision and Human 1.0 Partner to Help Businesses Adopt Enterprise 2.0

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 22, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq:BVSN), the leader in cloud-based social business solutions, today announced a partnership with business innovation firm, Human 1.0. With this partnership, both companies will collaborate in offering organizations the opportunity to participate in enterprise 2.0 adoption workshops. These workshops will help companies that are looking to enter the world enterprise 2.0 maximize their efforts.

Addressing adoption and return on investment, two of the major concerns business leaders have expressed about enterprise 2.0, the workshops will be provided by industry experts, with backgrounds in IT, metrics and measurements, business processes, and human behavior, with a proven track record of helping companies transition to enterprise 2.0. Highly interactive and customized to meet the needs of each participant, the workshops will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of what they can expect from an enterprise 2.0 approach to doing business, including best/worst practices and brainstorming sessions centered on the participant's objective. Participants will walk away with a solid understanding of their own goals and a tailored roadmap for increased adoption and a positive return on investment.

"Adoption of collaborative and enterprise 2.0 applications is a tricky proposition – if you don't have a full adoption, the value application goes down to zero for everyone, making for poor ROI's," said Francois Gossieaux, Founder of Human 1.0. "The Broadvision and Human 1.0 workshops will help provide a better understanding of the criteria that makes for successful adoption, which requires not just an understanding of the technology, but business processes and human behavior as well."

Additionally, universities and associations who apply will be given the chance to participate in the workshops for free. Such organizations, which are often faced with challenges like large organizational structures and complex bureaucratic demands, are uniquely suited to benefit from adopting cloud-based enterprise 2.0 tools and infrastructure.

"We have seen huge interest in social networking solutions from schools and associations," said Giovanni Rodriguez, Chief Marketing Officer at BroadVision. "For universities, the number-one use case is networking between students and alumni. For associations, it's about providing a virtual forum for business networking. For both, it's about breaking down barriers to communication that impede growth. We are excited to be in a position to help all these organizations by sharing best practices from their respective markets."

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