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Hackers Steal TripAdvisor's Email Database

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

TripAdvisor is warning customers that hackers stole part of the company’s member email list this past weekend (March 18 to 20), but that no user passwords were taken.

The popular travel-planning website issued a security advisory on its website explaining that the vulnerability that allowed for the data breach to occur has been identified and shut down, and that the company is “vigorously pursuing the matter with law enforcement.”

TripAdvisor does not collect members’ credit card information or any financial data; the fallout from the breach will likely be that customers on TripAdvisor’s email list may receive unsolicited spam messages and phishing emails attempting to trick recipients into handing over bank account information and passwords.

Customers who receive spam messages are urged to be wary of unsolicited emails that purport to be from TripAdvisor but ask for confidential information.