PlugShare app lets you map EV charging stations

iPhone screenshot
PlugShare by Xatori, Inc., also includes a complete database of public charging stations.PlugShare by Xatori, Inc.
/ Source: Tecca

One of the biggest concerns of switching to an all-electric vehicle is worrying about what would happen if you ran out of juice.

Our roads and major highways are dotted with gas stations of course, but what's an electric vehicle owner to do with a green car running on empty?

A new app called PlugShare wants to address exactly that, assuaging the worries of would-be green drivers with a map chock full of charging locations.

PlugShare goes beyond aggregating public electric vehicle charging stations by encouraging users to submit their own personal plugs to the database, effectively weaving together a community of electric vehicle owners.

Of course, having a stranger pull up at your home to plug in isn't everyone's idea of a good time, but when it comes to sustainability, sharing is caring.

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