Giffords intern says lawmaker is now talking on phone

/ Source: staff and news service reports

The man who won praise for going to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' aid immediately after she was shot says he has spoken to the injured congresswoman several times on the phone and is amazed by her recovery.

Daniel Hernandez tells the Arizona Republic that their most recent conversation was Wednesday.

He says the calls have included "short interactions and long interactions" but declined to be more specific out of respect for her privacy.

"Pretty soon you will be able to ask her yourself because she's doing extremely well and recovering very quickly," he said in the interview with the paper.

Giffords was critically wounded by a gunshot to the head 12 weeks ago during a shooting rampage in Tucson. Six people died and 12 other people were wounded.

Her doctors say she is making significant advances in speech, motor skills and life skills.