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Integral Systems Demonstrates Ground Segment Enterprise Architecture with Webic Integrated Thin Client at 27th National Space Symposium

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. and COLUMBIA, Md., April 6, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Integral Systems, Inc., (Nasdaq:ISYS) announced today that it will be demonstrating its comprehensive ground segment Enterprise Architecture powered by the Company's Webic™ integrated thin client at the 27th National Space Symposium (NSS). Integral Systems' Enterprise Architecture with Webic was designed to align with United States Air Force (USAF) requirements for a standards-based platform that reduces development and ongoing management costs, increases operational efficiencies, enables access to real-time, actionable data and facilitates interoperability across multiple systems.

As a flexible alternative to current USAF stove-piped architectures, Integral Systems' Enterprise Architecture with Webic provides significant benefits to the satellite operations (SatOps) and Launch Range operational and acquisition communities. Operationally, the architecture facilitates comprehensive Situational Awareness (SA) providing real-time insight into all ground, launch and space components, while the service-based architecture promotes interoperability with systems across the larger enterprise. Our approach provides a common look and feel through universal Command and Control (C2) services and user displays, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing operations and maintenance costs. The Enterprise Architecture also reduces acquisition develop-ment costs by eliminating multiple independent C2 systems, enabling operationally responsive integration of new missions and facilitating modernization of outdated components and systems.

"The United States Air Force has been very clear in its need for an enterprise architecture that empowers the user and increases interoperability and operational efficiencies," said Robert Wright, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Integral Systems' Military and Intelligence Group. "Integral Systems' Enterprise Architecture powered by our Webic integrated client meets the USAF's specific needs with the added benefits of being cost-effective and easy to use. Satellite, ground systems and launch operators are able to define their operational picture and customize it to provide relevant data from outside sources."

Integral Systems' Enterprise Architecture with Webic for SatOps and Launch RangeOps on Display at NSS

At the 27th National Space Symposium, Integral Systems will be featuring multi-faceted SatOps and Launch RangeOps demonstrations showcasing the power of its Enterprise Architecture. The demonstrations will show how a satellite operator or launch range operator can benefit from having real-time, mission critical information on a single easy to understand display. Access to relevant, time critical data allows the operator to make more informed decisions, thereby increasing the likelihood of mission success.

The SatOps demonstration will show how satellite operators can use the Enterprise Architecture to obtain complete SA of their space and ground segment assets. By integrating mission-relevant multi-source data from Integral Systems' best-in-class C2, Radio Frequency (RF) interference monitoring and detection, network management and signal processing products, as well as third-party products and data sources, operators will have real-time status of Blue and Grey Force space and ground support assets, cyber, space environment, site weather, Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) and other relevant information.

The Launch RangeOps demonstration will include three different scenarios: pre-countdown, countdown to launch and launch/insertion. Each scenario will show how the Common Operational Picture (COP) provides critical mission information, including range status (instrumentation, communications, tracking and mission support), booster and payload, area clearance (airspace, ocean surveillance, land clearance and constraint violation), weather (radar imaging at launch site and base stations) and flight safety (flight control systems).

Integral Systems' Enterprise Architecture with Webic

Integral Systems' Enterprise Architecture features a blended approach that supports both Event Driven Architectures (EDA) and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) to offer the greatest flexibility for different projects. Webic supports multi-source display, providing updated information to a number of different users. New data sources can be easily added to the interface by accessing a data source registry. Integral Systems' Enterprise Architecture with Webic enables flexibility and interoperability, supporting changes in both capabilities and middleware/SOA implementations while minimizing system impact.

Integral Systems family of companies will be exhibiting at next week's 27th National Space Symposium, the premier gathering of the global space community, April 11 through 14, 2011, at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo. Please visit booth #408 for more information.

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