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Google adds downloading safety to Chrome browser

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Google has added a new security feature that alerts Chrome Web browser users before they mistakenly download corrupted files.

The warning, which reads: “This file appears to be malicious. Are you sure you want to continue?” will appear whenever Chrome detects a potentially hazardous downloadable file.

The foundation of the new Chrome security safeguard is Google’s Safe Browsing API, which automatically checks the validity of URLs against a constantly updated database of suspected malicious Web pages, according to yesterday’s (April 5) Google Blog announcement.

The safety feature will run downloads through the same database of blacklisted files, ensuring that users don’t accidentally open the door to rogue applications.

“We hope that the feature will improve our users’ online experience and help make the Internet a safe place,” Moheeb Abu Rajab said in the Google blog.

Google plans to make the safe downloading feature available in the next Chrome update.