WebSafety, Inc. Announces Availability of CellSafety LITE in Google's Android Market

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IRVING, Texas, April 7, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WebSafety, Inc. (OTCBB:WBSI), the leading provider of software solutions designed to prevent texting, emailing and Internet browsing on cell phones while driving announces the availability of its CellSafety LITE software application in Google's Android Market for purchase.

CellSafety LITE, the basic version of the Company's patent-pending software application prevents cell phones users from texting, emailing or web browsing while driving in a vehicle over 10 MPH. To download CellSafety LITE, click here:

In 2009, there were 5,870 driver deaths and over 475,0000 accidents attributed to distracted driving. There is an urgent need for an actionable solution to reduce these dangers while protecting individuals and property. According to several studies, texting while driving can be 2-4 times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. In fact, twice as many teens are injured while texting and driving than while drinking and driving; 73% percent of driving-aged teenagers admit to having texted while behind the wheel. The National Safety Council estimates that 200,000 crashes are caused by texting drivers each year.

Parents, guardians and company supervisors now have the ability to disable the use of certain smart phone features, such as text, email, chat, social networking and web browsing while a particular phone is in a moving vehicle. Using the full version of the software application, they also have the ability to track the position of a phone in real time and by specific physical location, receive speed alerts and monitor and/or restrict certain communications that occur in a text format.

WebSafety has also focused on other areas of concern for families and corporations such as cyber-bullying, sexting, and sexual harassment.  The Company maintains a database of over 11,000 words, terms and phrases that can trigger an alert to parents, guardians or corporate administrators, letting them know of potentially offense or dangerous communication. This protection also benefits employers who face increasing risks of sexual harassment from inappropriate online activities in the workplace. WebSafety's software applications are the most comprehensive available today and work on over 90 models of smartphones.

"Today's technology enables people to do so many things – but not all of them are safe or wise," according to WebSafety CEO Rowland Day. "Our comprehensive software solutions are carefully designed to give users the freedom they want, while providing the protection and security that parents desire for their children and corporations desire for their employees."

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About WebSafety, Inc.

WebSafety, Inc. is the leading provider of mobile and computer software solutions that help to prevent incidents of distracted driving as well as unlawful Internet behavior such as cyber predators, explicit or degrading texting and cyber-bullying. The mobile software application works on the major wireless operating systems, including Android, Blackberry and Symbian and on all four of the major wireless carriers in United States and the three wireless networks in Canada.

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