Easy Ways to Make Travel More Eco-Friendly

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

STAMFORD, Conn., April 7, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flowers are blooming. Trees are budding. Spring is finally in the air. As warmer weather hits many people are beginning to think about travel plans. Whether hitting the highway for a short weekend getaway, or planning that summer vacation, travel comes with an unintended, and often not thought of, cost – carbon emissions.

MXenergy, one of the nation's leading independent energy providers, is encouraging its customers to "think green" when making travel plans this year.

"Everyone loves to get away," says Marjorie Kass, MXenergy Managing Director. "The truth is - many of us don't stop to think about the planetary impact simple travel decisions may have. We want to encourage everyone to incorporate "green" thinking into all aspects of their daily lives, including travel."

Kass notes there are multiple decisions people can make to reduce their carbon footprint when traveling – be it around town or around the country.

On The Road

  1. Drive Efficiently – Plan your weekly errands, or weekend getaways, in the most efficient manner possible – combine trips and plan your routes to save fuel, money and time
  2. Carpool Whenever Possible
  3. Check Those Tires – If your tires aren't properly inflated you can be wasting 3% of your fuel. With today's rising cost of gas, maximizing your fuel efficiency is not only good for the environment but your wallet as well
  4. Trim Down – Roof racks are very helpful for lugging extra equipment and bags but that extra drag can reduce fuel efficiency by 5%.
  5. Get Ready to Cruise – Use cruise control and overdrive whenever possible to get the most out of your gas tank.

In The Air

  1. Fly Direct – The fewer times you land and take-off the fewer carbon emissions emitted into the atmosphere
  2. Purchase Carbon Offsets – Many airlines offer excellent programs where you can purchase carbon offsets to negate the impact of your plane travel. There are also many independent carbon offset offerings as well. For best results, look for companies that are Green-E certified to ensure the validity of the offset. MXenergy offers its customers the opportunity to purchase carbon emissions through its website.
  3. Combine Travel – Rather than taking several short vacations over the course of the year – try to reduce your footprint by one longer vacation with fewer stops

While Away From Home

  1. Set Home to Vacation Mode – Turn down your thermostat and unplug all unnecessary appliances to reduce energy usage and eliminate "phantom" drains.
  2. Ditch the Car – Is a car rental really essential to your vacation plans? Consider planning your hotel stay and activities around the visiting city's transportation system.   Try the local shops, eateries and sightseeing within walking distance of your hotel. You may discover some hidden treasures and get the benefit of exercise as well.
  3. Conserve Towels/Linens – Let the hotel where you are staying know you prefer to get fresh towels and bed linens every other day. This saves thousands of gallons of hot water and reduces detergent usage.

"These may seem like small changes but the truth is if we all make them together the impact is tremendous," says Kass. 

MXenergy is not only one of the nation's fastest growing energy providers but one of the longest running as well. Celebrating its 12th anniversary in 2011, the independent energy provider entered the market in 1999 offering natural gas and electricity for fixed low rates to homeowners and businesses. Founded on the principles of service and sustainability, MXenergy has consistently maintained its environmental commitment, offering renewable energy, carbon offsets, and environmental educational programming.

About MXenergy

MXenergy is one of the fastest growing retail natural gas and electricity suppliers in North America, serving approximately 500,000 customers in 41 utility territories in the United States and Canada. For over 11 years, the company has provided millions of customers with a choice in how they purchase energy to run their homes and businesses. Founded in 1999 to provide natural gas and electricity to consumers in deregulated energy markets, MXenergy  helps residential customers and small business owners control their energy bills by providing both fixed and variable rate plans MXenergy  is committed to best practices in environmental conservation, supporting local communities through various outreach programs and is a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange. For more information about MXenergy please visit www.mxenergy.com.

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