Kids' Safety Site Defaced with Child Porn Links

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Online criminals have hacked into a reputable kids’ safety website and defaced it with links to child pornography.

Hackers accessed the server of Safety Kids, Inc. ( ) — a website dedicated to protecting children from abuse, abduction and exploitation — and are currently redirecting traffic to pornographic videos and Web pages, security firm ParetoLogic reported.

The pornographic links, ParetoLogic wrote, are embedded within the site as “doorway pages.” Similar to blackhat SEO scams, doorway pages are makeshift Web pages which contain little content, but are loaded with keywords to trick search engines into ranking them at the top of their results.

Stumbling upon one of these doorway pages will redirect unsuspecting users to a host of porn sites, some of them purporting to show videos of children.

Safety Kids, Inc. is still online, although it is flagged as a malware site by antivirus programs.

Calls and emails to Safety Kids, Inc. were not returned.