Launches the First Interactive Location-Based Mobile Application

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CHICAGO, April 14, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On April 14, 2011,, the game changer of deal sites, is launching an exclusive location-based mobile application unlike any other competitors in their field by reinventing the way users search, purchase and use deals.

Dealavue is certainly not your Mother's deal site and is incomparable to the traditional deal sites. Instead of featuring one daily deal, Dealavue showcases all of the hottest, real-time deals going on everyday around consumers. Discounts on everything you would want to do, buy or experience in Chicago are ranging from 50 to 90 percent off to a growing subscriber list of 300,000 buyers and counting.

Dealavue's interactive app is letting the consumer take charge. The moment a deal goes up consumers have the opportunity to easily purchase it without waiting for others to meet a quota. Consumers also have reign over what deals they want to see, by entering their location they can view a map pin pointing a variety of merchants offering deals around them from a host of lifestyle categories. The user friendly touch screen navigation feature lets consumers explore every deal going on around them, ensuring they find the most relevant deals specifically for them.

This unique app allows merchants to send out blasts, at any time, to relevant consumers within their specific category and location. If a restaurant is having a slow hour or a salon has open spots unexpectedly, Dealavue will send out a blast to users based on a deal that the merchant wishes. This allows consumers to receive the right deals for them and merchants to bring in the right consumers targeted for them.

 "There are more than 200 websites offering coupons. Ours is the only one that applies the mantra, 'location, location, location' to the online savings world," said Anthony Berg CEO of Dealavue.

There's no hassle of printing out a voucher or worrying if it was accidentally left at home, because with this revolutionary app consumer's iPhone or Android Mobile is their exclusive voucher. If consumers refer a friend to Dealavue they will receive $5 off of a voucher.

Dealavue is giving consumers the opportunity to purchase what they want, how they want and when they want. is the new category killer of deal sites and one to keep watch of. If you would like to view Dealavue's new app please follow the link below:

Contact: Heather Mulae                                                                    

Phone: (847)800-2005

Email: Hmulae @ dealavue . com

About Dealavue

Dealavue, launched in January 2010, offers exclusive discounts in the Chicagoland area beyond the one-day sale on the best events, restaurants and services to a growing subscriber list of 300,000 buyers and counting. offers applicable deals according to location and interests through their user friendly website and exclusive location-based mobile application. Dealavue plans to expand to 14 major markets by years end. For more information please visit www . dealavue . com.  

Dealavue has been featured on  ABC7, NBC5 ABC12, WBZO and NewsBlaze.

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