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Revere Data Introduces RISC Focus(TM)

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Revere Data, LLC, a leading provider of global sector classification and supply chain systems, announced today the release of RISC Focus™, the company's latest international sector classification product. RISC Focus™ maps on a sector-by-sector basis more than 36,000 publicly traded companies based on the revenue derived from their primary line of business. The mapping of these companies, from more than 78 countries, offers a level of precision of more than four times the breadth and depth of existing classification systems.

RISC Focus™ is designed to provide investment, business and technology professionals with an unprecedented level of transparency into the interconnections in the capital markets and through supply chains across the globe. In addition, leading technology and online media companies are now utilizing the RISC Focus™ system to optimize the search, retrieval, and organization of structured and unstructured data as well as corporate information for their users.

"By systematically organizing companies into 1,350 sectors grouped by the primary revenue source of each company's business, RISC Focus™ captures the growing linkages of literally tens of thousands of companies around the world," said Kevin O'Brien, CEO of Revere Data. "RISC Focus™ increases the level of visibility into these companies, thereby enabling investors to uncover new investment candidates, generate excess returns and lower risk, with the ultimate goal of being able to deliver better risk-adjusted returns."

The methodology of the RISC Focus™ product builds upon Revere's longstanding bottom-up approach to classifying companies based on the goods and services they sell. For more than a decade, Revere has employed extensive ongoing research and rigorous due diligence to map the broadest and most comprehensive set of companies around the globe. Revere's original international sector classification system, RISC™, has been the premier system used by investment professionals to gain a 360-degree view of what a company does based on its primary and ancillary lines of business. With RISC Focus™, these investors gain a tool to compare companies solely based on the sectors where they generate the largest percentage of their revenues are generated.  

"RISC Focus™ allows users to quickly and effectively identify, analyze and monitor the most relevant global peer groups," O'Brien said. "By continually monitoring relevant corporate events and market activities, Revere is able to capture emerging sectors and companies as well as new product and service offerings from around the world in order to provide the most up-to-date and precise data and information." 

RISC Focus™ is available as a data-feed and through Revere Data's web application, Revere Research™. In addition, RISC Focus™ will be available with regional classifications this summer. Regions will include the U.S., North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia/Pacific and Africa.

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About Revere:

Revere Data, LLC, is a leading provider of global sector classification and supply chain systems that offer investors a better understanding of the cornerstone of all great companies: the products and services they sell. Revere goes deep inside companies to search, discover and classify their products and services, their lines of business, their key business relationships and their sources of revenue by geography. Products such as Revere Hierarchy™, Revere Relationships™ and RISC™ deliver a more precise and deeper view of the market for thousands of publicly traded companies around the world. Revere offers a comprehensive suite of data, analytics and index services for the investment community including Revere Hierarchy Analytics and Revere Relationships Analytics. For more information, visit

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