Laser Energetics Announces Dazer Laser Expands Market in Medical Healthcare

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

MERCERVILLE, N.J., April 19, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Laser Energetics, Inc. (Pink Sheets:LNGT) today reported an additional Medical Facility has purchased the Dazer Laser® for its security forces. This continues to validate market demand for Ocular Distracters in the health care environment. The Florida based facility asked its name kept confidential at this time.

Medical Facilities nationwide have experienced a dramatic increase in on-premise injuries from assaults. A recent report by a hospital committee in Illinois stated that violent assaults in hospitals are far too common and likely under reported.

A commentary published in the Dec 8th issue of the Journal of the American Medicine Association indicated the rate of assaults in all private-sector industries in the United States is 2 per 10,000, compared to 8 per 10,000 at health care workplaces. In line with these findings, two Connecticut District Health Boards reported an average of at least one assault or near-miss a week since last September. Assaults at a Connecticut Hospital and Infirmary have increased by 74 percent despite a new partnership between hospitals and police. Similarly, a western state hospital security spokesman said 30 percent of hospital staff had been assaulted in 2010 at their facility, an all time high.

A suburban Chicago-based joint commission urges hospitals to take immediate action. The group's data information shows a year over year increase of assaults in the nation's health care facilities with the largest increase occurring over the past 3 years.

Greg Olson, Vice-President of USO Consulting, a security firm that works with hospitals and other institutions, stated, "The Dazer Laser® is an excellent tool for the health care/hospital environment. In my opinion it should be standard equipment for security in all clinics, hospitals and medical institutions in order to safely and effectively prevent escalating assaults."

Robert Battis, President and CEO of Laser Energetics, stated, "Although health care facilities have not utilized solution-based protective devices like the Dazer Laser® in the past, it is apparent that the rise of violence in these facilities requires a new form of humane and safe alternatives to help control violence, eliminate injuries and avoid deaths. This sale further proves the viability of the Dazer Laser® as the ultimate non-lethal weapon in both non-lethal and lethal environments."

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