A Divine Combination: Chocolate and Wine

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GLEN ROCK, N.J., April 20, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everyone loves chocolate – including wine drinkers. For those who love wine and also love chocolate, there is now a way to enjoy both at the same time: by drinking Cocoa di Vine, a chocolate-flavored wine produced by Opici Wines.

"The reaction has been amazing," says Don Opici, whose family-run company, Opici Wines, test-marketed Cocoa di Vine at the tail end of 2010. "We knew there was an opportunity with a chocolate wine, but didn't expect the overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm from the market that this product has generated. The wine is flying off the shelves, and we're getting calls every day from retailers, distributors, and consumers asking how they can get Cocoa di Vine."

Because of the favorable response, Opici Wines began offering Cocoa Di Vine nationally in January. It is already available in over 30 states – though that number increases almost daily, as chocolate wine is quickly becoming a recognized category. What makes Cocoa Di Vine stand out from others is its all-American production (the chocolate comes from a top US creamery, the grapes from South America) and white wine base.

"We tried several different chocolate formulas using a red wine base," explains Opici, "and didn't find an appealing flavor profile. It wasn't until we combined the chocolate with a white wine base that the delicious aromas and flavors jumped out of the glass."

That white base is a blend of Torrontes, Pedro Ximenez, and Moscato grapes imported from Argentina, and it vividly enhances the chocolate flavor, providing undertones of vanilla and caramel and contributing to a silky finish.

"It tastes like chocolate milk with a kick," says Opici.

Cocoa Di Vine is best served chilled and is enjoyable alone, but it can also be paired with cakes, cookies, and ice cream. Additionally, mixologists are having fun with it in cocktails.

At room temperature, Cocoa di Vine has a shelf life of 6-8 months; when kept refrigerated, that time extends to over a year.

"But it tastes so good, it's unlikely a bottle will be around that long," says Opici.

A 750ml bottle of Cocoa di Vine contains 14% alcohol and carries a national retail price of $11.99.

Contact Information

For more information contact Joe Janish, Marketing Communications Manager for Opici Wines, at joe@opiciwines.com or 201.689.3256.

You can also find information at the Opici Wines website: http://opiciwines.com.

About Opici Wines

Opici Wines is a sales and marketing wine company with a portfolio of 50 brands from the United States, Italy, Spain, France, South Africa, Chile, and Argentina. The brands are currently in distribution across the United States in 45 states. Opici Wines is a subsidiary of the Opici Wine Group, a premier supplier and distributor of wines and spirits established in 1934. There are four distribution companies under the Opici Wine Group umbrella, located in NY, NJ, CT, and Florida called the Opici Wine Company. From its inception, the Opici Wine Group has remained family owned and operated. The company chairman is Hubert Opici, an icon in the wine industry. Headquarters are located at 25 DeBoer Drive, Glen Rock, NJ 07452. Website is http://opiciwines.com.

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