Facebook Rolls Out Improved Security Measures

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Facebook has taken several strong steps to increase security for its users.

As part of its new approach, the social networking giant has rolled out two-factor authentication, a security feature designed to prevent accounts from being hacked and keep data private.

Two-factor authentication requires users to enter a code anytime they log onto Facebook from a new device.

"This additional security helps confirm that it's really you trying to log in," Facebook wrote in a company blog yesterday (April 19).

Facebook also tweaked its secure connection setting to help keep users' Internet sessions protected.

Earlier this year, Facebook enabled users to access the site via a secure HTTPS connection. (The URL turns green in a computer's Internet browser bar when accessing a site with HTTPS.) Now Facebook will automatically switch users' sessions back to the secure HTTPS connection as soon as users are done with a Facebook application that requires disabling HTTPS.

For parents and kids, Facebook redesigned its Family Safety Center, a page that features videos on safety and online privacy

The new improvements have their roots in President Barack Obama's White House summit last month on preventing bullying. During the summit, Facebook pledged to create more resources for families and children.