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Instant Therapy: Now on All California Phones

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., April 21, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After 14 months of development,  Call for Therapy, Inc.  is pleased to announce the release of its telephonic patient-to-therapist technological platform.* Bridging the gap between advanced technology and traditional care, this patent-pending service is the first of its kind to connect people to licensed therapists within a matter of minutes. Forget the fuss of appointments, traffic, and other bureaucratic delays. This innovative technological platform empowers patients to take control over their mental health at the time of need. Call for Therapy's professionals are always ready to take patients at any time and from any location.

Call for Therapy serves a rising need for therapy on-the-go. Anxiety, depression, and other common yet debilitating conditions continue to gain in prevalence among working Americans. At particular risk are people affected by wartime deployments.

"Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya aren't the only ones who feel the effects," says David Gonen, M.D., company President and chief medical director. "Their spouses, children, and other loved ones face a high risk of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, acute stress reaction, adjustment problems, and other mental disorders. Many of them are busy and don't have the time to attend regular counseling sessions."

Busy families of deployed soldiers aren't the only ones who can find an answer in Call for Therapy. This service is a handy tool for people who may find it difficult -- or even impossible -- to visit a therapist in person. This includes the 3.2 million adults who suffer from agoraphobia, the 2.9 million disabled American veterans, the 153 million people who work jobs with regular hours, and the 20% of people living in rural America, far from mental health multiplexes.

"Add this to the countless number of people who are simply embarrassed or shy at the thought of seeking traditional therapy, and you're looking at a considerable portion of the population," says Dr. Gonen. "We bring the couch directly to all of these patients. Our service also acts as a supplement for those who need a sounding board when their regular therapists are not available, such as before 9AM and after 6PM."

Private and unusually speedy, Call for Therapy connects people to a reliable source of advice when they need it the most.

*This service is limited to California residents for the initial development phase.

About Call for Therapy:

Call for Therapy, Inc. is a privately-held corporation based in Beverly Hills, CA. For more information, please visit  and . Follow us on Twitter ( @CallforTherapy ) or like  our Facebook page. For press inquires, including sample calls, contact  or call (888) 537-6403. You may also download our  Press Kit.

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