New Christian-Jewish Partnership for Trips to Israel Launched!

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LONDON, April 22, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Apostolic Pastoral Association and social network site today announced their agreement to form a marketing partnership for visits to Israel. A co-branded "Holy Travel" e-newsletter will be distributed to millions of interested subscribers who can register at the url As part of the launch the organizations are offering new subscribers the chance to win a Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour.

The Travelujah Holy Travel newsletter is a bi-monthly e-newsletter featuring articles, blogs and features about Christian travel to the Holy Land. The Apostolic Pastoral Association (APA), headquartered in Manchester UK, is a continuing professional development association of Christian leaders with affiliated networks in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia reaching 250,000 Christians.

According to Bishop Dr. Doyé Agama, the Association partnered with because of the website's unique content and spiritual focus: "Travelujah is an important portal for the worldwide Christian community and provides valuable resources. The newsletter that will be offered to millions of Christians will deepen our community's appreciation of the Holy Land and the importance of pilgrimages. Travelujah's social platform for travel provides a meeting point for the Christian community and offers the opportunity to learn about the Holy Land and to exchange views, advice and information about pilgrimages."

Elisa Moed, founder and CEO of Travelujah added: "We are very excited about this cooperation with Apostolic Pastoral Association, which marks a real opportunity to reach a large audience and to connect to Christian communities, especially throughout the UK and Africa to the Holy Land. We welcome new bloggers from the Christian community and invite our Christian friends to share their thoughts, photos and experiences on our social platform."

Travelujah, an Israel-based company, is a unique social network focused on fostering a deeper Christian connection with faith through Holy Land tours. People can learn, plan and share their Holy Land experiences with other Christians worldwide using over 600 pages of in-depth content, user and expert blogs that take you off the beaten path, as well as travel programs for groups and individuals.

For further information: Elisa Moed +972-52-744-4033,, Bishop Doyé Agama 07511216772,

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