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CIGIREX Stars Safety Tested Ingredients in E-Cigarettes as Leader of the Pack

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LAS VEGAS, April 25, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CIGIREX tops the electronic cigarette marketplace with a reported 94% growth in quarterly sales to lead the pack in the e-cigarette industry race. Extensive use of safety tested ingredients rival major competitors affecting consumer health preferences. The electronic cigarette industry's widespread disregard for consumer safety challenged Jason Cardiff, President and CEO of CIGIREX to explore what the choice ingredients should be to deliver superior taste and safety for its growing world consumer trade markets.

"CIGIREX impacts Wall Street's new evolutionary environment reports as a company showing signs of sustained economic growth in today's marketplace," notes Cardiff.

The New York and London based company credits its trend-setting corporate growth to the financial finesse which balances scientific-techno research costs and production line costs ensuring the lowest price possible for consumers plus R&D top quality.

CIGIREX positions itself in the forefront of the E-cigarette industry by selling the only product in the market place that does not contain Propylene Glycol, the harmful ingredient commonly used in all other E-cigarette. Propylene Glycol is also found in anti-freeze and unfortunately widely used by most other brands without heeding FDA or world government warnings against potentially carcinogenic effects.. The PG ingredient supplies the vapor to resemble smoke in electronic cigarettes. Tactics to render it "safe" concern CIGIREX and all retailers.

CIGIREX trumps the market place with its historic decision to use an exclusive all-green vegetable-based glycerin, ensuring that its simulated cigarette vapor will meet the highest health-and-safety standards for all CIGIREX products.

Unique in its objectives to separate from substandard abuses in the e-cigarette industry, CIGIREX states that it proudly stands alone by offering guaranteed leak-proof and break-proof Catmizers Cartridges. The new CIGIREX battery has an extended life of 30-days standby time.

CIGIREX pledges its dedication to consumers worldwide by also refusing to use plastic Nicotine or Catmizer refills with a warning that those brands using these can lead to choking hazards.

Plastic housings for heating elements should be scrupulously avoided.

As the low-cost, high-quality leader of the pack in e-cigarettes, CIGIREX actively plans to pursue research with techno-scientific advances to improve the superior taste and safety of all its products.   "Our objective is a smoke-free America as an example for the world," Cardiff pledges.

Endorsement of CIGIREX by the prestigious Cancer Aid Charity and Research Fund has been registered in England.        

Cigirex New York Office:  Cigirex LLC, 120 E. 34th Street #5F, New York, NY 10016

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